Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Confessions of a nerd

Ok, I have a little secret I'm going to share with you... I am a huge geek!

Do you know why? Well.... it's because I am a long time stamp collector. There, I've said it!

Hi, my name is Janette, and I am a Stamp Collector!

I started collecting stamps from a young age, I don't know maybe around 8 or 9 years old? (Mum would know)

And I've always loved these tiny little works of art - it was the young Graphic Designer in me I think.

Just knowing that these little pieces of paper had travelled across the world via planes and ships and delivered letters containing love, hope, memories, or just bills :) to so many unknown people was very exciting to me and still is.

I have hundreds of stamps from all over the world.
Australia, England, Indonesia, Ireland, US, Romania, Italy, Germany, Thailand, Greece, Spain, all around Africa, Japan, China, India, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Portugal, Netherlands, Israel etc.

American stamps

Every young girl's favourite theme - Horses

Rhodesian stamps from the 30's and 40's - look it's the Queen Mum!

So, I'm just wondering.... is anyone else out there a closet stamp collector like me???

And thank you everyone for your excitement and congratulations over our big milestone last night! I'm trying to upload video footage onto Photobucket to email to Will's Granny and Grandpa in South Africa so they can see how clever their little Grandson is :)

I hope you have a great day!

Take care,


  1. Hi Janette,I have never understood why stamp collectors or any collector is so often considered a nerd or geek. You are right stamps, their history, not to mention their value is very interesting and some are stunning. My brother was a huge collector too and I dabbled for a while as a child. But although I do not collect I do not think you are a nerd at all....did you know people who collect or are passionate about something actually live longer and enjoy better mental health....yes someone did a study on it. I truly believe this to be true and as I am lucky to meet so many lovely passionate collectors, in my line of work, from stamps like yourself to road maps (yes I know a collector of road maps who lives on Park avenue, New York) or mowers or bikes even...the list is endless...you all share the same trait and that is an interest that gets the blood pumping and keeps the brain ticking..you go nerdy girl...my name is Katherine and I support stamp collectors!!!

  2. i collected stamps as a girl too _ i wonder if mum still has them? i could send them to you! some of them are so pretty! melxxx

  3. I used to collect stamps as a young girl - had an album with a page for each country and an album of Australian stamps. I used to get everyone to save stamps for me to soak, peel the envelope off and display in my album. I'm not sure whatever happened to those albums but I now own my Nanna's two precious albums full of Australian stamps which have never been used (she used to buy a set of each new type of stamp that came out for her collection). I haven't added to those albums but they are sitting safely in our bookshelf. I don't think stamp collecting is nerdy either!! I too like the artistic side of stamps and was actually thinking of incorporating some into a little collage/piece of art if I ever get around to it :) How's Will's walking going today? Bet that's all he wants to do now :)

  4. Does that mean I am a nerd as well?? I love stamps - I used to collect them as a child. They are amazing works of art. I'd probably still collect them if I hadn't moved to paperweights.
    ps the rose in your pic is gorgeous!

  5. Hi Janette, you're not nerdy at all! I used to collect stamps when I was younger and even though I don't put them into an album I still take the stamps off all of our mail and put them together in a box in hopes of one day my son developing an interest in stamps and then I can give them to him to sort through! xx

  6. Thank you for your comments everyone, I'm so glad to be surrounded by fellow childhood stamp collectors!

    Katherine - I'm so glad that collectors live longer and happier lives I would have guessed it but it's great to know - thanks for your support :)

    Mel - that's so sweet of you, would your kids like your stamp collection? They might not be into that sort of thing these days hey.

    Amanda & Sarah B - that's so cool you also collected stamps, they are beautiful aren't they.

    Nellie - that's a great idea to keep the stamps from envelopes if your son would like to take it up in future, it would be a treasure box if he decided he wanted to collect!

  7. It's a great hobby, I used to collect them when I was a young girl. Yours look beautiful..Rxx

  8. My dad collected them when I was a kid and F's dad did as well. I had forgotten about my dad's collection until my father-in-law gave F his collection for the boys. I asked my mum about them and she said since none of us had shown any interest (I appreciated them but never got into it) she sold them. I was pretty sad to find that out as it would have been nice to hand something as beautiful as a stamp collection from my dad who passed away before L and J were born. Keep on collecting, I think stamps are a piece of art.
    How is the car by the way?

  9. Hi Engracia,

    Oh that's sad they were sold. Stamp collections can be very valuable. I've only got a couple of valuable ones. At least you have your father-in-law's ones for the boys. Maybe little L will want to collect train stamps :)

    The car is all fixed and got it back this afternoon, it was a fuse which probably got short circuted from the trailer electrics. But the service!!!! Ouch. We got one cent change from $2k! Can you believe it. I'm not looking forward to telling Glen when he gets home :(


  10. I am so much happier now that I know there is somebody out there geekier than me.(hehe). I used to collect fridge magnets! I am safe to admit that on your Blog as nobody knows me. Am so glad I have grown out of that embarrassing phase! My brother used to collect stamps & I used to like changing their positions in his book! Ssssh.... What are naughty, annoying little sister's for!

  11. Very cool. Maybe Will will continue your collection one day.


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx