Friday, April 9, 2010

The Doily - not just for Granny's coffee table

I like anything that is delicate, pretty and practical so I love the doily Renaissance happening at the moment. And I have to admit to childhood memories of taking my mum's big coffee table doily and putting it on my head as a little girl and pretending it was a veil :)

Here are some lovely examples...

A delicate doily bowl

Doily wrapped around a vase and stitched together

Doilies stitched together as a runner and sewn onto cushion cover

Above three via County Living

A doily garland via here

Fox and Clover


The latest cover of Inside Out magazine - doily inspired

I made doily bunting a few weeks ago and hung it in my office but it's fallen down on one side and I can't be bothered pinning it back up and photographing it so you'll just have to imagine but it looked pretty.

And after seeing it hanging up I decided I need to host another babyshower so that I can make doily bunting to hang around my deck and in the trees... Anyone want a babyshower??? :)

Have a very happy day,


  1. oohh.. I loved that doily bunting you had in your office..hahha.. you will have to get pregnant again so we can celebrate...!!

  2. A baby shower for you perhaps? :) Love that doily bowl and the vase is exquisite. I have a few doilies here I bought when I was in Germany and a few from our trip to Tasmania. Your doily bunting sounds pretty. Hope you have some nice things planned for the weekend x

  3. i love the bowl .... i agree with Amanda the doily bunting sounds awesome
    pretty pictures thanks for sharing
    hope you have a great weekend!! xxx

  4. Sending you some Sunshine ... to award your inspiring blog with: The Sunshine Award :)
    Cheers Kris

  5. Funny timing - I saw some surprisingly nice granny doilies in Spotlight yesterday... and was quite drawn to them... Thanks for the teaser from Inside Out - I have to wait WEEKS to get it in NZ unless my other half is popping back to Australia for work. The shipping is unbelievably slow - it's really not that far.

  6. Oh I love that doily garland and the vase covered in a doily:) I have all of my Nanna's doilies but didn't really know what to do with them all. Thanks for the lovely inspiration my dear! Hmmm baby shower - not me! Good luck with your search for a volunteer:) Have a fabulous weekend Janette ~ Txx

  7. love my a good doily. actually started to use one in my photos today, but it looked a bit busy so did without!! must get newest inside out - looks a good one! x

  8. All so beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  9. I can remember as a child dusting my Nonna's furniture & having to take all her doilies off. That was enough to scare me off doilies for life! illy the cuddly xo


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