Thursday, April 8, 2010


Butterflies aren't just found in the garden or of the bedrooms of little girls... take a look at these beautiful examples of butterfly decor.

AMAZING! beer cans recycled into an instalation of beautiful butterflies, via Apartment Therapy don't you love the shadow they cast on the wall behind?

Vintage illustration Butterfly Decoration/Tags from the lovely ladies at Mondo Cherry.

I found this beautiful piece of art via a recent customer's website - Almond Tree Frames

The beautiful Missoni bedspread on cover of my fav - Real Living mag. Love it!!!

Butterflies... are they too girly for you? Or do you love them?


  1. LOVE those orange butterflies!! I have a butterfly from 'Lightly' on my wishlist, the ones that are made out of old vintage plates. Thanks for your comment on Grace's party ideas. How are all your preparations coming along for Will's party? Did you get those binoculars made? x

  2. butterflies are such an inspiration for me at the orange ones and the framed one.i read that magazine recently the cover is to die for :) XX

  3. I love the beer cane art -I saw those recently omewhere on the net and thought they were so clever :)

  4. Love butterflies. I also really enjoyed that issue of Real Living. I heard the new one is out too. Must hunt for it.


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