Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Will's 1st Birthday party plans...

So I've been waiting my whole life for this.... my first child's birthday party!!!! YAY!
And we've decided to do a 'Going on Safari' theme. Because it ties into his room theme, and because we have so much Sth African stuff we can use.

Here is the party invitation I made, doesn't Will look so grown up in the photo!

My friend Oli has been doing cake decorating courses and has kindly offered to make the cake! She will come over the day before the party and we will mould the little animals together. This is a pic of one of the cakes she saw on the Internet which we will try and copy.

Here are some of the supplies I have stocked up already!

Toilet rolls you ask? Well I'm going to make binoculars out of them for the kids to spy all the animals which will be 'roaming' in our backyard.

The plastic animals will go on top of cupcakes which will be on my three tiered cup cake stand. And there will be lots of green jungle streamers hanging everywhere.

Here are the other ideas:
  • Cardboard arrows pointing different directions, saying 2000miles to Zimbabwe etc on front door post
  • Zebra table cloth
  • Brown and green crape paper vines with leaves
  • Green balloons
  • Green Plates
  • Animal noises to play on ipod as you enter the party
  • Photo booth
  • Snakes and other jelly animals in blue jelly
  • Dress Safari (shorts, khaki, beige colours)
  • Do a braii & have Sth African snacks
  • Make animal crossing signs and Elephants next 2km etc
  • Hippo in blue pool
  • Animal prints drawn on driveway
  • Pic of Will & Happy Birthday on TV screen saver
  • Green streamers hanging from french doors
  • Sth African table cloth on round table and drinks table
  • Borrow little kids cars and write 'Safari Tour' on cardboard box stuck to roof.
  • Giraffe around the palm tree
  • Blow up crocodile in fish pond
  • Make Binoculars out of toilet rolls and stuck together with black electrical tape and black plastic ribbon for around neck
  • Green jungle cake with animals, grass and water.
  • THE CAVE!!! tape boxes together and cut doorways to each box inside. Inside hang crape paper and glow sticks from the top of the boxes to give a spooky effect, stick tree branches on top of the boxes, and something to cover the entrance to the cave.
I would love to do a lolly bar with green and chocolate coloured lollies in beautiful glass jars but a) I know my friends would kill me when their kids stuff themselves full of sweets and go crazy b) glass jars for kids parties = emergency room visits.

So that's the plan. Lets see if I can find the time and energy to pull off all these ideas but I know I'm going to have heaps of fun organising. The average age of the children at the party will be about 4yo so I think they will have a great time with those activities and the Dad's will have fun chatting around the Braii (Sth African for BBQ).

What do you think? Do you have any more ideas for me?

P.S. Thank you so much for all your comments and feed back about my 'canvas BUS SCROLLS' little business.
And an update on Will - I took him to the doctor yesterday and the poor bubby has Croup :(
He has a miserable cough which hurts him and sounds awful and is so tired and grumpy (as you would feel) so hopefully with the medication the doc has given me he will start improving soon.


  1. The safari idea is the cake .your son is going to love son suffers from croup as well i know what u mean its not pleasant..but the medicine does wonders ..hope he gets better soon xx

  2. How fun! You are so creative, I can't believe it. What a lucky boy to have a mom who is a talented designer. Those invitations are the cutest!

  3. How fantastic, you have some great ideas for the party Janette. I hope it all goes well for you, it sounds like you have so much fun planned that the kids will have a ball! Please share somes pics when the party is over. xx

  4. Sounds excellent! I'm starting to plan Hugh's birthday (he's 1 in June) and can't decide on a theme (owls or golliwogs).

  5. Hey JB.. sounds excellent cant wait to see it you want some help???, I can help you make the binoculars or something when we catch up next..I can also do some chocolate bars, designed with a safari theme if you want???

  6. Wow!! Will's party sounds fantastic Janette, and so much fun! Love your invitations and I can't wait to see how the cake turns out, it looks amazing! It is so lovely to see you so excited about Will's 1st birthday party, it is such a special occasion for you and your hubby as well as for Will:) I hope Will starts to feel better soon, the poor little man! Big hug to you both~ Tina xx

  7. Poor Will :( Hope he starts to feel a lot better soon. The party you have planned sounds fabulous. You have so many great ideas. Love the invites - Will looks adorable!! Can't wait to see your cake - the one you've posted looks awesome. Love your ideas of the footprints down the drive, zebra tablecloth, ipod animal noises and safari cars. Will is lucky to have such a creative mummy - can't wait to see it all come together x

  8. that is so cool, just love the cake!!

  9. wow, v ambitious!! Will be fantastic if you pull it off, how are you going to do the photo booth?? Good luck!


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