Thursday, March 18, 2010


If you haven't checked out the website MiniStyle before then you've been missing out!

MiniStyle is a children's lifestyle boutique offering local and imported brands for the mini adult in your life!
All images via ministyle

Check out the gorgeous clothes, jewellry, toys, stationery... they just have the most unique range of products you could go crazy on the credit card.

And now there is one more reason to go and check out Mini Style because I have some very exciting news!
My Sweet Prints is now stocked on MiniStyle!

I was contacted by MiniStyle's lovely Penelope and she got the ball rolling and now I am very excited and so pleased to be apart of such a beautiful online store!

Sometimes I can't believe that I started My Sweet Prints only 5months ago as so much has happened.

So I just wanted to share my exciting news which has definitely cheered up my not so happy 'nursing sick bubba' week.

Have a wonderful Thursday,


  1. Congratulations Janette! That is excellent news. How amazing that so much has happened in 5 months and you have been so successful. Well done! xx

  2. Congratulations Janette that is awesome news!!.mini style have the best kids stuff there.i love it xx

  3. congratulations! it's great when you can see your business growing!

  4. Oh Yay!!! Congrats Janette, that is fabulous news:) I am just so very happy for you that your business is just blossoming. You deserve all the great things that are going to come your way!! Wishing you a fabulous Thursday ~ Tina xx

  5. Janette, congrats, what a coup for you. You deserve of course, not only do you so obviously work hard, but you are a super talented lady. Love the new venture by the way, it has given me an idea about my wedding anniv in late May, so I'll be in touch soon about that. Will make a nice surprise for hubby.
    So glad to hear that Will is on the mend, L had croup a few years ago and scared the living daylights out of me, so much I called an ambulace, I thought he was suffocating!! He was ok by the time they arrived and they let me know it was croup.
    Anyway, hope your day is going well.

  6. Congratulations Janette! Your work is beautiful and I only wish my kids were little enough to have some decorate their rooms.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my artwork, you've made my day!
    K x

  7. Congratulations! How exciting! You are so talented and it's great that others are seeing that too and helping your little business grow :)

  8. Congratulations Janette... only 5 months and you are going great guns! I hope your sick little one is feeling better! A-M xx

  9. LOVE that chandelier! Congrats on your prints -- and good on you for going out there on your own! Only wish I were as brave.....

  10. Congratulations! I hope Will starts feeling better soon.

  11. great news...and very exciting.. those pics are so cute...hope Will is feeling better..Alek has a cold :(

  12. Fantastic, well done! Big kiss for bub X Have a great weekend..Rachaelx

  13. Brava Janette!... illy the cuddly


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