Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Thank you all for your lovely Anniversary wishes and comments. I was showing G last night and we were very touched!

Poor bubby Will is really not well at the moment... we all had a very sleepless night as he was coughing and snuffling. We pulled out all the stops... vapouriser, elevating the cot mattress, baby Panadol, Vics baby balm and lots of cuddles. So I'm going to make it a quick blog post so I can try and get a nap in while he sleeps :)

I just wanted to let you know about something new I've been doing!!!

You probably remember my lovely customer Jenene from Brisbane? The one which I did the Italian prints for? Well she and I had been working on a canvas bus scroll for her home and she just got it delivered the other day and it turned out so well, see pic below!

So I've decided to add canvas bus scrolls/destination scrolls etc to my repertoire and I've set up a little website here with information and a contact form etc.

You see, all the canvas bus scrolls on the market are VERY expensive which is why Jenene thought to approach me to make one up for her, so I thought I might as well let people know that this is something I can do!

I'm not planning to put a lot of time or money into advertising or marketing but I thought I would just put it out there in case anyone is interested. Here is the little red London bus logo I designed and there will be a link on the right hand side of my blog which links to the website.

I'd love to know your thoughts or feedback as I have literally just put this all together very quickly.

I hope you have a lovely Tuesday (aren't the weeks flying by?) and I'm off to get some sleep.


  1. Looks fantastic Janette. Great idea to make some affordable examples of these bus scrolls. I'm off to have a good look at your lovely blog now!
    Kerri x

  2. Hey JB.. they look great... you could also offer them in different colours...Hope Will gets better soon.

  3. The canvas bus scrolls look great, your website looks good and is easy to navigate well done! BTW, congratulations on your wedding anniversary, it sounds like you had a lovely day and your wedding photos are lovely. You look so beautiful. I hope Will gets better quickly and that you get to catch up on some sleep. xx

  4. Love the logo and the canvas looks great! Poor little Will..and tough on mummy too. Have a lovely rest..Rachaelx

  5. Hi Janette, I think this is a fantastic idea - in fact, I was only thinking the other day that one day I would ask you if you could do custom bus scrolls as I'd like to have one with destinations that hubby and I have travelled to around Australia so it's meaningful to us. Another blogging friend had someone she knew custom do one for her and it looked great. Your website is wonderful. Poor little Will - he must really feel out of sorts poor love. Last time Grace got a cold, we found the vaporiser provided some relief. Hope you get a rest today yourself x

  6. wooohoo! was only just on etsy looking for canvas bus scrolls!
    We've just gone through the sniffles and sadness with baby Hugh too, he still has a chesty cough!

  7. This looks great! Great idea to add these to your repertoire!

  8. Janette, you are amazing! I am so happy that your business is just blooming, it could not happen to a lovelier person!! I love your canvas and am off to have a look at your website, so excited for you:) I hope poor little Will is improving and that you both are able to get some much deserved rest. Sending hugs to both of you ~ Tina xx

  9. Hi Janette, I think it is amazing!!You are very clever...Thanks for dropping by, hope your little man is on the mend, cheers Katherine

  10. Fantastic! They are tram rolls here in Melbourne, have a look at some original ones on my typepad blog. the prices they are asking are incredible! Great idea :0)

  11. I LOVE my bus scroll of my husband and my "happy places"...I enjoy showing it off!! Thanks for being so wonderful and easy to deal with Janette


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx