Friday, February 26, 2010


The very lovely Engracia from Lynwood Musings tagged me this afternoon to take part in a 'tell 7 things about yourself' post. It's perfect timing actually because the post I had prepared disappeared from blogger this afternoon, so here we go:

1. I love history
I really love history. I find books set in this day and age boring, I love period dramas, I have put together my family history going back around 7 generations, I came in the top 10% in NSW for Ancient History in my HSC, my sister has become a High School history teacher so it runs in the family, I can't get enough of Antiques Roadshow, when going through Europe together my husband would say 'Oh not another old church' I would say 'bring it on!'.

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2. I used to work as a designer in magazine advertising
You know all the advertorials, and the booklets that come on the back or inside of the mag. I used to work on real living magazine as their designer/art director but I've also worked on House & Garden, Belle, Burkes backyard, Gourmet traveller, worked on the launch of BBC Good Food in Australia, rolling stone, aust geographic, Gourmet wine, and small stints on Cleo, cosmo, cosmo bride, foxtel and qantas mags, grazia.
I really enjoyed it but if I had to go back I would want to work in editorial - I'm sick of advertising.
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3. I had a very fast labor with William
I was booked in for a c-section in the coming week at 38 weeks because he was breach but went into labour a week early. Woke at 4am will funny tummy feelings but went back to bed till 6.30am where I knew something 'wasn't right?!?' by the time we got into the hospital at 8.45am I was 8cm dilated and they had to rush to get the operating suite ready for a Caesar which happened at 10am (by this stage I felt like I wanted to push and was holding my belly afraid he would come out). My Obstetrician has warned me that I'll need to be very snappy in getting to the hospital for any subsequent births!!! :)

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4. I love diamonds
Ooooo yes, I completely believe that Diamonds are a girl's best friend.
I know it isn't the most ethical thing to crave what with the whole Blood Diamond black market thing, world resources etc, but I can't help it, really! If I won the Lottery I think the first thing I would do, would be go buy some more diamonds.

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5. I'm afraid of heights
Need I say more?
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6. Favourite Holiday Destinations
My favourite country is Switzerland and my favourite city is Edinburgh, Paris is a close second. My favourite holiday spot in Australia is Noosa in Queensland.

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7. I recently learnt to step up and be more brave
When I say brave I mean getting the guts to just do things instead of sitting back and weighing up every risk under the sun and procrastinating. I figure that you only live once and if you don't do the things you want to do in life then you may live with regret but if you give things a try then at least you've grown, even if you do fail.

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I now have to tag a few people. Over to you Amanda, Mel and Hillary if you feel like it tell us seven things about yourself!

See you next week and wishing you a very lovely weekend,


  1. Wow Janette, your list of Seven Things was fantastic. Wow your career in the magazine industry sounds so exciting, but what a gorgeous little man you have as an exchange - even if he did want to get here in a hurry, yikes!! I notice we are both afraid of heights! I love that you love history and all your travel destinations sound wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing these 7 things about you, it has been so great and interesting to get to know more about you:) Oh and diamonds are so lovely:) :) Have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  2. Thanks for sharing the 7 things, it was great to find out more about you. Your life in advertising sounds glamorous and exciting. I am jealous, my labour was long, very long some 40 hours long. Ooooh I love diamonds too, I keep telling my husband that they are an investment that just happens to bring me much joy!!!
    Nellie xx

  3. That was fun learning more about you! Thanks for sharing. I'll post 7 about me later today. Happy Friday!

  4. Thank you ladies, I'm glad i didn't totally bore you with my 7 things. Oh and my work was really not as glamourous as it sounds, there was some nice perks but really just lots of deadlines :)
    J x

  5. Thanks for sharing. I am also learning to be more brave. It's scary!

  6. Oh I love history, diamonds and Noosa. I too had very quick labours 7 hours for L and 3.5 for J. Thanks for playing Janette, it is really a wonderful way to learn more about our fave bloggers.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  7. Hi Janette - was so great to read your list of 7 things to learn a little bit more about you. Can't believe your quick labour!! I too loved Switzerland when I was there - such a picturesque country. My mum's cousins live on the Swiss border and it was beautiful staying with them in the Alps. As I definitely agree with you on your love of diamonds :) How exciting that you've tagged me to play along. Thanks so much! Am off to think about my list of 7! x

  8. OOh great 7 things - i feel totally boring in comparison! But...fear not...i will try to do my tagging bit next weekend. Mel xxx


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