Thursday, February 25, 2010

More thank you's and a DIY before and after!

Firstly I wanted to say thanks to two bloggers who have featured my work today.

The first one is the lovely Belinda from Nest Design Studio. Belinda is an Interior Designer, specialising in Nurseries & Children's rooms. And a mum to a gorgeous baby boy Hugh, for whom I had the pleasure of making one of my 'Made with Love' prints.

Belinda is truly a gifted Interior Designer, just take a look at Hugh's nursery, it is stunning! And with her interior design business you could get a nursery or child's room just as spectacular as her business specialises in email & phone consultations for baby & children's rooms! It's so simple....all you do is contact her and she sends out a form to fill in about things you would like to see in the room and then she will provide you with a concept board and list for on-line shopping, you don't need to even move from your chair! Now that's a great idea!

So please pop by and say Hello!

The other blogger I wanted to say thanks to is Mel Bombardiere she is a new mum and featured my Bedtime Bus Roll poster today. Thanks Mel!

I also wanted to show you a little DIY project I did a few weeks back...
We were given this wooden Balinese bird cage as an engagement present, so that would have been nearly 7 years ago now, which was probably the height of the 'Bali' decor theme era (if there was such a thing).

I've had the bird cage in the garage since we moved to this house and have been planning on painting it white for soooo long. I was inspired by India Hick's birdcage in her Bahamas home, seen here...

Image via here

So anyway, my bird cage is no where near as extravagant as India's but I like the change in colour (my old 'paint it white' motto) and I'm thinking of hanging it up in our deck. What do you think?


Anyway, I better get inside, I'm sitting out here at the table you can see above getting eaten by mozzies. Ah!

Have a lovely day,


  1. Janette it looks fanastic white!!! Love love love it! Would be great on your deck...which I'd love to see more photos of by the way!!! :) Gotta love white paint. Am off to check out those new links x

  2. Yay Janette, so happy to see your gorgeous prints featured on these blogs:) I love the 'Made With Love' print in red!! I LOVE your birdcage, it looks lovely painted white. Maybe some candles (perhaps citronella for those pesky mozzies) would look lovely in it ~ not sure if I have just suggested a fire hazard!! Enjoy it, it is gorgeous - great job:) ~ Tina xx

  3. The birdcage looks fabulous, I love the change in colour. It will look great on the deck.
    Nellie xx


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