Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Look who's blogging today...

Hi it's William here...
Mummy has let me loose on the laptop so I thought I'd blog about a terrific thing I love to do with my Daddy. Please excuse the picture... Mummy and I are still in our PJ's and we haven't brushed our hair yet.

So anyway, we live right next to the National Park and Daddy takes me in the backpack and we walk down to the river together to see the ducks and birds and bunnies. It's great! I love being up high and bashing Dad on the head as we walk along. I often fall asleep in my carrier after a while and I sometimes think that was Mum and Dad's intention but I don't mind.

I'm a bit too heavy for Mum to carry me in it, so it's just a blokes thing that my Dad and I do together. And it gives my Mum a chance to chill out and paint her nails and do that sort of girly stuff.

So I just thought that if there are any Mums and Dads out there reading this who have a little kid like me, you should get one of these carriers, your kids will love it!

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Have a great day, oh and my Mum says 'Hi',

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