Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My new fav movie - It's Complicated

I went to the movies on Monday night with my lovely sister-in-law. It was just the perfect evening, so nice to get out at night.

My local movie theatre is a beautiful old art deco cinema, which makes the movie experience all the more pleasant! Much nicer than going to a big noisy complex.

Image via here

Anyway we just loved the movie, laughed so much and enjoyed the eye candy of Jane's (Merryl Streep) Spanish style ranch house. Ahhhhhh... take a look.

When it got to the part in the movie where you see Merryl Streep in her massive vegie garden, all perfect and flourishing, I turned to my sister-in-law and said 'Wow... she doesn't have possums!' we both started laughing hysterically and couldn't' stop. Here's the garden...

LinkImages via Hooked on Houses

So in movie reviewer style I give It's Complicated 5 stars!


  1. Hi Janette - thank you for sharing your thoughts on this movie! I have heard others say that it is great too. I can't wait to see it, but will have to wait for the DVD as movies don't stay long here in Armidale (and I am sure my nearly 3 yr old would be thrilled to come with me to see it - NOT). I love these images from the movie and oh how wonderful is that gorgeous vegie garden - reminds me a little of Ina Garten's garden (the Barefoot Contessa). My favourite film is Something's Gotta Give - for obvious reasons, but I do love Meryl Streep. Hope it hurries out onto DVD!!! Love Roseville Cinema, I used to live in Chatswood - small country;) I loved this post! - Have a lovely Wednesday - Tina x

  2. Hi Janette, I really want to see that movie, was thinking about it as I drove past the cinema above, didn't realise you and I were neighbours. We've probably walked right passed each other at one of the shopping villages!! Small world.

  3. Hi Tina, wow, it's a small world! Isn't it a lovely cinema!

    You will have to get it on DVD as soon as it comes out, I'm sure you'll love it!

    Oh yes, Something's Gotta Give is right up there for me too. If I could move into Diane Keaton's house I wouldn't change a thing, it's my most perfect house EVER, exactly my style!

    I hope you've had a lovely day!
    Janette x

  4. I think i have to see that movie!

    I would love a garden just like that last picture - unfortunately i just dont have the space!! x

  5. Hi Janette, I've heard that this movie was meant to be a good one - might have to go and see it too :) Meryl Streep's home in the movie looks lovely - especially that gorgeous living room!

  6. Wasn't that movie great?! And the house is to-die-for! I watched it with my mom, aunt and three of my sisters and we were all laughing until we cried. It really is a movie for all ages and so much fun!


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