Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A corner of my home

I thought I'd post a snap shot of little corners of my home each week.

This photo is taken at the entrance of our bedroom and is of three postcards we picked up in Paris a few years ago that I had framed.

They are old advertisements for Soir de Paris Bourjois perfume and I love the imagery. The women look so glamorous and the setting so romantic.

Here are some more Soir de Paris ads I found via google images.
I have been thinking of redecorating our bedroom lately so I think I'd like to redecorate using a French theme. I might try to come up with a moodboard of ideas. I will post on it when I've got all my ideas together!

Bonne journée (have a nice day),


  1. What perfect pictures for a bedroom - they look wonderful framed. Our bedroom is in need of an overhaul too but it's not a major priority at the moment - looking forward to seeing your moodboard :)

  2. Oh Janette - what gorgeous pictures (and of course they are framed so beautifully)!! I can't wait to see what your moodboard for your bedroom makeover looks like, I am sure it will be stunning! Thanks for sharing this lovely corner of your home:) - Tina x

  3. Oh, these look great. Looking forward to seeing your moodboard, I like the theme you've chosen.



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