Monday, March 25, 2013

Lachie's allergy friendly, rainbow birthday party

We celebrated my gorgeous little man's first birthday on Saturday and it was such an amazing day!
I decided on a rainbow theme to match his bedroom theme.

 I really wanted to make sure that all of the food was safe for Lachie, so that I could relax and not have to worry about his allergies.

So the food had no wheat, egg, dairy, soy, potatos, nuts, seafood/fish.

We had rainbow jelly cups, chocolate crackles using safe rice bubbles, honey joys using safe corn flakes and nutelex butter. Popcorn without butter, home made marshmallows. Corn chips and salsa, rice crakers and veggie sticks with hummus, sushi platter and lots of fruit including rainbow fruit kebabs.

 I really enjoyed decorating. I made the tassel garlands and bought the dotty garland from

 My mum made the cupcakes with all the safe ingredients and then I decorated them with the white icing and rainbow strap lollies.

 Our very talented friend Oli made the AMAZING cake, she made it so it was all safe (except for the top decorations as the store bought fondant contains soy). It was so yummy and when we cut into it it had rainbow layers inside!

Here we are cutting the cake, Lachie was a bit overwhelmed I think :)

 I set up a craft station for the kids to make rainbow cloud mobiles which they loved.

 We played pass the parcel, did bubble blowing and had a mini jumping castle.

I think everyone had lots of fun, it was such a special day to celebrate our little boy. I can't believe my bubba is one now!!!

I can't believe I have Will's birthday to organise in a months time - Ahhhhh... give me strength! :)

Have a great day,
Janette xx


  1. O h WOW Janet, I cant beleive this little cherub is one already!!!
    Such a fabulous party, good for you!!

  2. Oh Janette. You fabulous mama. What a tremendous effort you made - just stunning. Soooo happy to see all the love here. J x


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