Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Allergy Baby

Lachie had an allergic reaction about three weeks ago. His little face and ear swelled up and he got hives and tummy cramps. It was quite scary to see and the Dr was called out at night. I had given him a Milk Arrowroot Biscuit (but the allergist thinks it wasn't necessarily the biscuit it was traces of a Butternut Snap biscuit (peanut) on his milk arrowroot which caused it.

 We took him to a specialist and she did the skin prick test and it came up as allergic to Eggs, Peanuts, milk, soy, potato and wheat! I felt quite down and overwhelmed by it when I found out and really just feeling so sorry for him and wondering how we are going to adjust as a family. 

We went back to the allergist last week to get the confirmation from his blood test results and they confirmed it all (not allowed to give him any nuts even though it's only peanut he's allergic to ?!?). The allergist gave me a list of all the foods he CAN eat! He's going to be very healthy with lots of fruit and veg that's for sure.

There is a good chance that by about 5 or 6 he'll grow out of all but the peanuts.

The allergist warned us about when he starts crawling and especially at parties and events where there are other kids and unsafe food around. She said it would be good to bring a playpen or port-a-cot to put him and and she also suggested I get a T-Shirt made that says 'I have allergies. Do not feed me'. I was waiting for her to laugh like it was a joke but she didn't.

So I googled Allergy T-Shirt and look what I found! hehehehe.

Maybe it is a good idea....?!?!?!

Does anyone else have food allergies or allergy kids? How has your family adjusted?

All I can say is thank the Lord for Google... recipes, advice etc all over the net.

So that's what's been going on in our little family at the moment.

Have a great day,
Janette xx


  1. Hi Janette, sorry to hear that. It will take a little to adjust I guess. It is good that you found out this early though. All the best for the silly season. ;-)

  2. The little boy that I Nanny for had a severe reaction to peanut butter. His older brother gave him a tiny piece of something with PB in it. They had the testing done and he is allergic to peanuts and any kind of nut.
    Wow, no milk, soy or wheat....that part will be hard. I have Celiac and I know how hard that is. Alot of the subssssstitutes for gluten also come milk and soy free. But fresh food will be better for him than processed.
    So sorry......but so glad that you know now.
    I saw rubber bracelets for babies with allergies....somewhere.

  3. So sorry about the allergy - that is SO scary!!! L love the T-shirt, think it is a great idea.

  4. I think the first news of this is really hard. It totally changes many of your habits as a family. I know a few people who have had to confront this - it seems that sometimes they do grow out of the allergies quite early (like after 1) but not always.
    A friend has 3 boys and they are grain and dairy free. They use their thermomix for everything, including making their own rice milk and alternative types of bread.
    good luck with it all.

  5. It is so good that you have found out now and can concentrate on all the good things he can eat before any more damage was done to his little body.

  6. Really sorry to hear! I'm sure it is a bit hard at the moment, but you will adjust soon. And the shirt or a bracelet are definitely a good idea. They look cute and are helpful in a group of people situation. xxx

  7. I can imagine how tough this news was to hear Janette :( Being allergic to dairy and soy will make the whole dairy thing a bit challenging I guess. But you're right, with all the info on the net and all the advice from those in similar situations, you'll find out how to best do things for your family. Big hugs xx

  8. Oh and meant to say, Lachie is just ADORABLE!! Such a sweet little face xx

  9. Oh Janette, I'm sorry to hear you have been going through all of that. Your poor little man, he is so so cute. Must be so scary when you initially don't know what's causing the reactions, but a little more empowering once it is confirmed. It is seemingly so common these days too, so thank goodness there are lots of options and advice on how to handle it all. And those tees are fantastic, what a great idea. I am a bit paranoid about what the boy's eat, always have been. On the random occasions where someone has gone to give them something I wouldn't give them myself, I've stepped in and requested them not to. Mainly just things like lollies, chocolate or fruit juice. But still, people have a tendency just to feed children at parties etc... so I think it would be a top idea to have a couple of those tees at the ready. Good luck with it all and hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your boys xo

  10. Oh dear poor Lachie. I am so glad you found out before he had an anaphylactic response. I feel for you, feeding will be tricky when you are out and about. I think the t short is a great idea. With your skills I bet you could come up with something very cool.

  11. Hi Janette, not sure if this is useful or not but I have a friend who writes a blog with her friend with plenty of recipes for kids with allergies - between them they have multiple children with allergies, and a variety of allergies represented. If you are looking for meal/recipe ideas, I find their blog helpful even without children with allergies!

    Praying for you guys as you discover how this changes family life.
    Sonya = )

  12. Oh this is such a scary time. Last January we discovered that my son is allergic to bees. Days later we sent him off to school for the very first time... a school with a bee infested playground. Clover galore! Oh the anxiety!!! But we've faked it (being calm) until we made it (now we kind of are). I thought I would never get in the habit of taking the EpiPen with us where ever we went... but we have. His school friends all know too and their Mums are all really cool about having the EpiPen on school dates and birthday parties too.
    You'll get there. It will become second nature.

  13. Oh Janette, the poor little poppet. Thank goodness you found out before he had a dire reaction, as Deb said. Good on you for being his advocate and hunting down the cause. J x

  14. Oh no! I hate to hear that! Hopefully you guys can make an easy adjustment.


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