Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Real estate stalking: You had me at the black kitchen

I drove past this house this morning, the street frontage is gorgeous, (pity they don't have a good shot of it in the real estate pics). But when I saw the sign board with the shot of the kitchen I said 'Heeeeeelllllooooooo!' and had to share it with you!

Check it out, stunning isn't it! 
The black cabinetry... the black subway tiles, the parquetry floor, the marble counter top, the three pendant lights... drooooool!

This is the front of the house, it stretches right down the right hand side and has a semi circle driveway.

 Hmm... I can totally see myself sweeping down this staircase every morning :)

Not only does it have a pool but a tennis court too.

 Images via Domain

What do you think? Do you like the kitchen as much as I do?

It's open today and is just up the road from us... Lachie and I might have to go stalk in person I think :)

Have a great day,
Janette xx


  1. LOve it, especially that staircase - will have to win the lotto:)

  2. The bedroom in that last shot is huge!

  3. I love the kitchen too Janette, actually I love the whole house, it's gorgeous. xx

  4. Love your house stalking! So much fun :)

  5. Oh yes! That is absolutely lovely Janette, amazing colours for a kitchen. We are *just* about finished with our brand new kitchen, it is black and white... but in a very different way to this one. Still, I'm in love with it!
    Thanks for sharing this gorgeous piece of real estate, I AM drooling xo

  6. I really like the kitchen as much as you do! Great job on designing those cabinets! The colors are perfect! Oh Wish my home has a kitchen like this. :)

    Arrielle P


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