Monday, November 5, 2012

Building a Study Nook

Our latest To Do project on the house is to convert a nook (which the past owners set up a make shift desk, into a proper study nook.

Here is my favourite image from Pinterest which I think we'll use as inspiration.
Image via here

 Here is the nook we would like to convert, it's between Will and Lachie's bedrooms and it's visible from the the main area of the house. It's about 90cm wide and quite deep. Because we have high ceilings we have to figure out how to best use the space.

More inspiration via here

The things we'd like to keep in there are our main hanging files for bills etc, wrapping paper and essential stationery, a place to store things like gifts yet to be wrapped, books, and any other miscellaneous.

Image via here

I like the idea of doors to go across it like in the first image because I think it will tend to be a bit of a dumping ground and it will be nice to shut the doors to hide the mess.

Down the track it will be a great place for the boys to do their homework as it's visible but also the quiet end of the house.

We're thinking of getting a cabinet maker to make it, which I'm sure will be a bit $$ but would be great to do it properly with built in lighting etc.

Do you have a study nook in your house? Any tips or ideas you'd like to share? What would you put into a spot like this?

Janette xx


  1. Hi Janette,
    Yes I do have a study nook which I use for my garden reference books. It's just off the laundry, near the back door, and is the shape of the last picture. The only real depth to the desk is where it goes across the corner which is plenty for one but 2 using it might cause a few arguments! I have 2 boys too so I know about these things!!!

  2. How exciting to have a spot where you can make something like in your inspiration pics come to life! I've often seen photos like the top one and thought how cute they look but we don't have anywhere for such a thing. I really like the image with red chair, except not in a corner configuration. I think since your space is deep, definitely go with a door to close things off so you can 'hide mess and clutter' if need be. Can't wait to see this project evolve! Have a great Monday Janette xx

  3. HI Janette, I love the idea of a nook and that is the perfect spot to create one. I will be interested to see how you get on. Our desk is in the middle of the family room and some days I would love to be able to shut the doors on the mess.

  4. Hi Janette,
    Looks like a great project to sink your teeth into!
    My advice from experience is to consider an alternative to a door as you will need a frame and that will eat into your already narrow space...what about a colorful blind that can be pulled down when you want to hide it? Doors wld spend the majority of time open once the kids are bigger and doing homework etc there.
    Also plenty of electrical sockets and a moveable trolley that the printer can sit on that can be easily moved under the desk when not in use:)
    We use our study nook all the time. Good luck.

  5. My parents house had a space like was built into a cupboard at the front..which would be your desk area...then up above there was a false ceiling and a cupboard on top and in that deep deep cupboard they stored things like all the family suitcases. A very handy place.

  6. I don't have a nook, but it's a great little spot you have for one. I'd definitely need doors as I make such a mess. I don't even have a door on my studio room - muct change that.
    I look forward to seeing what you do - I bet it will be fabulous!xx

  7. I love study nooks but we don't have space in our house for one.
    Good luck creating your space!


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