Monday, September 10, 2012

A post about my latest furniture bargains

Hi there, I thought I'd do a post about the furniture bargains I've scored lately.

Going from a little cottage to a 'grown up' forever house has meant that we've had a lot of furnishing to do - not a bad problem to have when you live decorating but could have been a very expensive problem too.

Because the formal lounge was the main room we needed to furnish, I decided I'd look second hand for a lot of the pieces as I want the room to have a formal, classic feel.

So I've been spending a lot of time browsing eBay and we've had a few great wins!

First up is the marble top coffee table I got for $91. It has gold/brass legs and is VERY solid. I like the creamy tones in the marble and the fact I don't need to be precious with it about using coasters etc.

Next up is a big mirror which I'm thinking of selling on as I don't love it. We got it for $169 and it's a very well made piece and it's huge... 1.3 x 80cm.
But I just don't like the colour of the frame. What do you think of it?

Then we have the 1930's sideboard I won for $200! I love the dark wood and the art nouveau detail on it and for that price you couldn't get a veneered sideboard in the shops so I'm happy with that piece. It is also 1.3mts long and the mirror was going to go above it.

The two arm chairs you can see in the third pic were $56.85 for the pair! They are really comfortable and we will get them reupholstered down the track.

The floor rug is from Ikea $189 and the lounge is from Freedom. I have new curtains to go up and I'm busy hemming them at the moment.

And the last piece is the velvet tufted bench seat I have in the entrance way window which was FREE from our old neighbours down the road. It is Minky's new fav spot to sleep in the sun. I would like to stain the legs a darker shade sometime and reupholster although it's fine for the time being.

Once I have the curtains up I'll start cushion shopping and really finishing the room off. We have my parents piano to go on the other side of the room and I'm also going to do a picture wall of family photos.

Can't wait to see how it turns out when the room is finished.

Have you had some thrifty finds lately? Do you get a thrill from winning things on eBay?

Have a great day,
Janette xx


  1. There's some great buys there Janette! It's a pit you aren;t keen on the mirror - maybe you could paint the frame? I can imagine it over the top of the dresser (my fave of your buys).
    I know what it's like moving into a bigger place. Before moving here I lived in a tiny apartment. It's such a nice change!

  2. I love all of your bargains Janette! The sideboard with all its gorgeous detailing and those two antique armchairs are my favourite pieces and will be beautiful re-covered down the track. I love that mirror, the frame is beautiful (it's a bit hard to see the colour etc. in the small photo but its pretty detailing looks lovely and would be perfect above the sideboard. Otherwise, could you spray the frame if you don't like the colour? I love that you've been able to furnish this room with lots of ebay finds - (love your Freedom couches too - that's where our light coloured couches in our formal lounge were from) and can't wait to see your curtains. I'll look forward to watching this room take shape!

    P.S So lovely to see you back here blogging :)

  3. Why not paint the mirror? You could paint it a lovely bold colour, or white?

    I brought a gold mirror on ebay a while back, and painted it white. I think it looks great now, and gets a lot of comments when people see it.

  4. What a lovely room and gorgeous windows. You did some great shopping and I look forward to seeing it all finished - well done! ;-)

  5. Well hunted down, Janette. Hmm, I'd definitely be painting the mirror frame. You could transform it in a jiffy. I am looking forward to seeing your curtains, you crafty minx! J x

  6. Ooo love these finds Janette. I actually think the mirror is gorgeous & love the furniture reflected in it too. So much fun buying new things to furnish the home, we are in a terrace so have limited space, otherwise I'd be in some trouble with the spending. And I love selling things on eBay, such a fun way to buy & sell xo

  7. Wow amazing finds and such good bargains! Very impressed - love the chairs and that mirror! Well done x

  8. Ebay is so much fun, you have found some great bargains. Your room is coming together beatifully.x


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