Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The week that was...

A picture tells a thousand words so here's 5000 word about my week last week :)

1. We put Will's reading tent up in his new bedroom last week. We found him lying in there one night, he'd taken the blanket off his bed, his new alarm clock and his ever beloved Woofie. So cute!

2. I have finished the basics of decorating our dining room. I'll do a proper post in it sometime but here is a quick shot, what do u think?

3. We went to the Playschool Concert last week with a friend from Will's mothers group, her little boy (same age as Will) and her new baby girl a mth or two younger than Lachie. It was really fun! I think I enjoyed it as much or more than Will did!

4. I am becoming a sushi maker :) I found a recipe on Kidspot about making sushi using and ice cube tray (just google Sushi Ice Cube Recipe and you'll find it) and now I'm also branching out into normal seaweed sushi. It's a big hit at the moment!

5. My gorgeous baby boy will be 4mths old this week!!! He is such a delight, the sweetest baby in the world (and I assure you I'm not bias ;) his eczema is still not improved so we r back at the Dr today. I'm going to ask her about eliminating dairy from my diet, see what she says.

Anyway, how was your week? Our weather is lovely at the moment - hope it continues for a long time still.

Janette xx


  1. Poor bub, I hope his eczema eases very soon. As I said on Instagram, the MooGoo products are extremely gentle and work quite well. You can google them for info.
    Sushi in ice cube makers. How ingenious!
    Yes, please show us more of your home, it looks fab x

  2. Yay for seeing some home pics - more please!! :) Will is so cute in his tent and Lachie is more and more adorable each time you post a pic of him. Hope his eczema improves soon poor bub :( Play School would have been fun! :) Enjoy the rest of your week - it's been on and off sunny and rainy here but still quite chilly x

  3. A wonderful update Janette. Your boys are so gorgeous! Love the one of Will in his tent reading and baby Lachie is looking so big now, beautiful boy. Eczema just sucks, hope you can sort out a remedy for it very soon.
    And your dining room looks stunning, very classy style xo

  4. WOW Janette, I cant believe Lauchie is 4 months already, he is growing up befroe our eyes & every bit as cute as his love ly big brother!! Love Wills reading tent!!
    I have heard coconut oil is good for eczema. You get it from the health foods stores,I use it as my everyday moisturiser & lip balm as well as cook with it, put it in smoothies & my morning porridge. the tiniest bit goes a long way, my sister inlaw has just started using it on my 1yr old nephews eczema, hopefully it works!!


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