Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The week that was...

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I've been so AWOL of late... Finding the time to blog is just a bit hard at the moment.

So I thought I'd do a 'The week that was' post and try to do that at least once a week with five pics that sum up my week.

So here goes....

1. Went to Ikea with Lachie last week and bought a few things for Will's room like those red storage boxes u can see in the first picture. It's amazing how much they store. Our friends gave us that white storage cube as they are down sizing so it was perfect! Will is doing I'm a little tea pot in the photo :)

2. I baked bread in the slow cooker! It was really easy and turned out really well. I just bought one of those bread making ingredient boxes, add lukewarm water, knead for ten mins, place in a bowl with a damp cloth on top for half an hour then kneaded it into shape. I put some poppy seeds on top. Then just place onto baking paper and put in slow cooker for an hour on high. Then put under the grilled for about ten mins to get the golden crust on top!

3. I'm taking part in Jen Bishop's (of Interior Addicts fame) Instagram #interiorsphotomonth challenge. It's really fun and my bit of creativity each day. It's not too late to join. Today was Day 3 - Bargain... So I photographed my pair of antique armchairs I got on eBay about 3wks ago for $58.88!!! More about those another time...

4. We had Lachlan's Naming and Thanksgiving Service in Sunday which was so special. And then had family and godparents back for lunch. Here is a photo of a photo that we took of all of us after lunch.

5. Lachie is 15weeks old now!!! Can you believe it! He is such a gorgeous bub, I just love him to pieces. He's been doing little baby giggles recently which melts your heart. The poor but has eczema so I have to put a prescribed cream in him poor little darling but he is very brave and doesn't fuss too much.

So there was my week that was. How was your week? This week we are all feeling a bit under the weather so staying quiet and warm today.

Janette xx


  1. I bet you are flat chat.. I am doing Jens Photo a day too.. about to go and find one of many Vinnies Finds for today.

    Take Care and don't worry about blogging we are not going anywhere a weekly round up is fab xx

  2. It's only understandable that you can't blog as much as usual at the moment Janette. Be kind to yourself, just pop in from time to time when you can (I think a weekly round-up is a clever idea) and we'll all be here reading to read :) Love those soldier skittles in Will's room and the storage will be extra handy for hiding away all the bits and bobs little ones seem to accumulate :) LOVE your chairs - a definite bargain - can't wait to see more of those. I'm so glad Lachie's ceremony was so lovely - how nice to be able to celebrate such a special occasion with family and friends. What a cute little bub he is - I can't believe he's almost 4 months!! Eek!! Where is this year disappearing to?? xx

  3. Oh your little Lachie is making me all clucky Janette... he is beautiful! How clever, baking bread in the slow cooker, WOW, I might even be able to give that a go! Sounds like you've been keeping busy, but it's lovely to see a post with some updates xo

  4. hi darl yes time flies, but I bet you are just absorbing the wonderfulness of having a new bub around, it's kind great! I have those Ikea boxes too, they break eventually, but they're great while they last!;


  5. What a lovely idea to do such a post. Sounds like life is busy but good.


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx