Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We're in! Floors before and after and curtain help

We're in... Ah (sigh of relief)! The move was not without it's dramas that's for sure!

The removalists were meant to b at our old house btw 9-10am and I had the cleaners coming at 12.30.... What time do you think the removalists got there...? 4pm!

So they packed up the truck but by the time they'd finished it was dark and with our narrow tricky driveway we thought it best not to continue till morning.

So Dale and Sust came to the rescue and we stayed at their house.

In the middle of all of this Lachie had developed a cold poor little darling. He still has it! :( so I was exhausted from feeding so often (cause he couldn't breath through his nose) a d from packing.

Anyway the truck came back the next day and by 2pm they'd left.

We had help from so many people it was amazing but Mum and Dad have been so amazing helping every day with everything! We r really blessed!

The move caused a few fatalities such as our fridge, the dryer isn't working properly now, the fence between ourselves and our new Neighbour was clipped by the removalists.

Anyway we are in and just living the house!

Here is a before and after of the floors.
And what do you think of the curtains? They are obviously custom made but the pattern is not to my taste. But I don't want to just rush out and replace them if they could work.

What curtains would you do there??? I'd love your opinion!

Janette xx


  1. How exciting! I actually love the shape of the curtains, but not feelin' the fabric. Can you reupholster it? Something like a natural linen with a little trim might be pretty...

  2. Love the floors but I am not one to ask on curtains,we dont have any ..shutters through my whole house.. love your exterior ones a few posts back.. Happy Nesting x

  3. What a nightmare with the removalists!! Glad things all worked out eventually though and that your family have been helping you out lots. Your floorboards look amazing!! Love the darker stain!! As for curtains, it's a hard decision with unique windows like yours. Have you found any images of similar windows to see what curtains others have used with them? x

  4. The floors look great! Hmmm I think I would get rid of the curtains....

  5. Oh dear, they sounded like rather dodgy removalists, I do hope you received a mammoth discount for all the trouble.
    But so good to be in and hopefully you're settling in nicely. Moving is such a tremendous strain... even without those kind of dramas. Great to hear you had so much lovely support around you. Hope the little man has kicked the cold now and it hasn't spread to everyone else xo

  6. Oh Janette, you've been through the mill. Moving is hard at the best of times, let alone with a newborn who has a cold! I hope Lachie's better very soon. J x

  7. The floors look fantastic. Without those curtains those amazing windows will be highlighted. Do they need to be covered with anything at all. I adore them. G.x

  8. Congratulations, Im sure after some rest & time to get familiar with your new home you will come up with the perfect plan for your curtains!!!


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx