Friday, May 25, 2012

Hootabelle cupcake

My dad came over yesterday after work to help fix things (he can fix anything... No seriously!).

Anyway he came in with something wrapped in a serviette and handed to Will saying 'Here is something special that no other kid in the world has!'

Dad works at ABC as the Audio Director and he works on Giggle and Hoot amongst other shows.

They had a crew party yesterday so he brought one of the specially made cupcakes home for Will.

He loved it and I've never seen him take so long to eat a cupcake before.

Watching ABC2 in the evening (still holding his cupcake) we heard him yelling 'Same! same as mine!' as he saw Hootabelle on tv.

So sweet!


  1. Oh how utterly gorgeous is that. Sounds like your Dad is a very special man... and very handy to have around the house too!
    I don't blame Will for not wanting to eat the cupcake, it looks way too cute! xo

  2. Oh J....your dad has the best 'grandfather' job in the world! Working with Giggle and Hoot...oh my!


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