Thursday, May 3, 2012

Harper's amazing bedroom

My friend Jenene just finished redecorating her daughter, Harper's bedroom.

Harper has just turned six and probably has the coolest bedroom in town.

Jenene isn't an interior designer either but look at how talented she is!

My favourite part of the room is the world map wall mural with the string and photos showing the families trips overseas.

I love the slight industrial feel with the yellow componabilli bedside table, the Ikea PS cabinet and the super cool black floor lamp!

Can you spot the Bedtime Bus Roll Poster Jenene got me to make in Italian?

And next to it is my good friend Susie's Oh Deer canvas from her shop

Jenene had the bed head upholstered and the pillows made in the diamond fabric which ties all the colours together.

I think Harper is one very lucky girl - and as Jenene said to me... 'She's got a Missoni throw on her bed! even I don't have a Missoni throw!'

Thanks for letting me share Jenene!


  1. Harper is one lucky little girl. What a gorgeous room - won't date at all and she won't outgrow it either. Your friend has good taste and yes, I spotted your busroll straight away :) xx

  2. The world map is magnificent! A gorgeous, groovy room, I would like that myself, even as an adult! xo

  3. Love the idea of the world map with the pins - will have to "pin" that one for my little ones future room!

  4. What an AWESOME bedroom, i love the world map, my son would love that in his room!!
    just been catching up on your blog as I have been AWOL, happy B'day to Will, Lachie is definately thriving & growing ever so quickly.
    getting your house is so exciting i can't wait to see it after you had your stylish touches!!
    have a lovely weekend
    Cheers xxx

  5. Ciao Bella!

    I just wanted to say grazie for your Blog on Harper's new room. I feel special to be written about! Also to your Blog followers thank you for your kind comments.

    Just in case you are wondering where all your other prints have gone Janette... they have happily taken up residence in Harper's cubby.

    illy the cuddly

  6. Love the whole room, sorta eclectic, sorta vintage, modern colours and always love a map.. well done Jenene x


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