Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our beautiful baby boy

Well three weeks on from our little man Lachlan making his early appearance into the wide world and I've finally found the time to update you with a blog post!

I thought I'd write a post all about Lachlan's birth and our family so far as I love looking back on the blog as a bit of a journal.

So Lachie was born at 35wks and 6days at 11.05am on Mon 19th March 2012.

At 2.30am on the Monday morning I woke up with really strong labor pains... As you might remember I'd been having contractions for about three weeks and the big false alarm on the previous Wed when we spent nearly 24hrs in the labor ward with everyone thinking he was just about to arrive. So when the labor pains woke me I was a bit dubious that they'd just faired up again but I was hoping they'd settle down.

We started timing them and they were about six mins apart. They were getting stronger a d stronger and Glen started freaking out and said 'No that's it I'm phoning the hospital'. So they said to come straight in and we phoned our amazing neighbour Amanda who came over at 3am to stay with Will (who was asleep and oblivious to what was going on).

The ride to the hospital I remember clutching at the seat belt with all my might as each contraction came and I had to stop every few mins as we walked from emergency into the delivery suite as the pain would literally stop me in my tracks.

They got us set up in a delivery suite we felt like it was deja vous from the previous Wed. They strapped the monitors on me and got the gas out.

After about an hour of this the pain just got too much and as each contraction happened I was shaking my head at Glen while sucking on the gas just trying to say 'No this is too much I can't cope with the pain anymore'. So the midwives called the aniethatist at about 5am and said he was on his way. I remember thinking to my self 'He better not even be brushing his teeth, I need him here NOW!' and I also hissed to Glen a few times 'Where is that damn doctor!' hehehehe.

He finally (ok it was probably only half an hour) turned up and once that epidural was in I just wanted to kiss him! They had it turned down quite a bit so I stilled used the gas but it was much better.

Then they checked me and I was 6cm dilated so had a bit of time to wait. Once I got to 8cm the Obstetrician broke my waters and then I felt pretty much straight away like I wanted to push but I had to hold off which was really hard. I just kept trying to breath through each contraction and relax my body which was trying its hardest to push Lachie out!

It was probably about 10am and they decided to get ready to deliver. I had a temperature and had been shivering and shaking for hours with them putting blankets on and then off me and I was getting really tired.

The last part is all a bit of a blur (which is probably a good thing) I just remember the two midwives, Dr Keogh the Ob and Glen all saying 'Push Janette!' over and over... And then Lachie's heart rate started dropping right down between the contraction... I saw the monitor at one stage and his heart rate was only 73bpm. I tried not to freak out but I could hear the urgency in everyone's voice but damn it I was pushing as hard as I possibly could!

They then tried the vacuum suction thing to get him out but it wasn't working and they were just about to use the forceps when finally out came my tiny gooey squeaking little bundle and they popped him on my chest and instantly it went from the most full-on scary experience to the most amazing special relieving experience in my life.

I just lay there in shock and euphoria while they fixed everything up. And it was so emotional for both me and Glen. It was just as emotional when Will was born by Caesar but just a totally different experience.

Lachie and Glen then went down to the special care nursery which is where he spent the next 7 days and nights, which was sad not to have him in my room and see him hooked up with cords and monitors and the feeding tube but the special care nurses were Angels! They were so good with Lachie and so caring with me and Glen and Will. We were taken care of so well (I Highly recommend the SAN hospital - every single staff member was amazing!) they made what could have been quite a scary lonely time into a very special time for all of us.

It was quite hard on Will being away from me and he would cry and cry when it was time for him to leave the hospital which was so sad :(

Lachie had to spend three days under lights for his jaundice and the hospital kept me on as a boarding mother, my same room so I could stay at the hospital and not have to travel back and forth for feeding etc.

It's now been two weeks since we've been home and although it's been really full-on and I'm so tired it's been really special. Will loves his little brother and has been so good with him. Giving him very soft little kisses and cuddles, tickling Lachie's feet when he falls asleep while I'm feeding and telling everyone about HIS baby Lachlan.

Here are pictures of the Special care and hospital time and then of our time at home so far.

Ah, perfect timing I can hear Lachie has just woken for his next feed :)

Miss you all and thank you for your comments on our announcement post. I hope I'll have time to catch up on all your blogs soon!
Janette xxxx


  1. Thanks for sharing Janette. I'm glad to hear all is well and Will really has taken to Lachie. That's so lovely :)

  2. What a beautiful little fella. Will is so cute with him. Glad all is well and you are enjoying your new addition.

  3. You have definitely had an amazing experience with Lachie's birth and I am so glad that you are all well and back home. I have been keeping you all in prayer and it was so lovely to read about the birth. Big hugs. xx

  4. Hi lovely, thanks for taking the time to pop in here and fill us in on your birth details - how nice tohave a record of it here for you to look back on, both of my births are a bit of a blur :) I'm glad your experience at the hospital was such a good one, despite it being a bit stressful with Lachie in the special care nursery. So glad Will has adjusted so well. Thinking of you lots xx

  5. Congratualtions! That is great news that you and Lachie are home and well. What a gorgeous photo of Will and his little brother, it is so wonderful seeing them togther over those first few weeks isn't it. It brings back memories of my two. Thanks for taking the time out to let us know how it is all going. Look after yourself. Gx

  6. Lachlan is just gorgeous Janette, beautiful photos, it must feel wonderful to have him in your arms and safe now. Well done to you! xo

  7. Oh Janette, you darling girl. What a tale you have to tell! I am so relieved it all worked out in the end. Enjoy these precious early days getting to know each other. Oh, and pop down to your PO Box, if you haven't lately! J x

  8. He's beautiful...I am so happy that all worked out well in the end. Take care and enjoy your beautiful family x


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