Friday, November 25, 2011

European Inspired Boy's Room for Will

Good morning!
Now that baby B is well and truly on the way we're starting to think about turning the study into Will's new big boy bedroom which we plan to do over Christmas.

So I've created a little moodboard to show you. I'm going to buy a white timber single bed and I've already bought the Esprit Star Galaxy  single bed set and he's already got the big Personalised Canvas World Map. Have I shown you the newest print in my range? It's a french inspired print that reads 'Our Little Man' with a cute little moustache. So I'll do one of them for his room.

The solder skittle set and hot air balloon are both from my lovely stockist Ministyle (I'm yet to order).
And the Jnr Replica Eames DSW chair and the red replica Componibili side table I will get from Matt Blatt.

I think it creates a European, little World Traveler feel.
What do you think? Do you like it?
I think it's a good toddler - young boy style room don't you think?

I'll probably add little extras like a retro clock and I've got to do up the cabinet which will stay in his room.

I'm quite excited about it!

Next up I have to decide what/how much of Will's current room I'll change for the new bubby boy.

Have a great Friday and I'd love to know your thoughts on the moodboard.


  1. Oh J, you are going to like Charlie's nursey when I finally get that photographed! I've got the World print you gave us, was just about to email you to get your little man print to see if I can get that customised, ordered the skittles off ministyle the other day and have arrived and the boys are getting the eames chairs and tables for christmas!!

  2. Happy Friday J!!!

    I love everything you've selected. Can't wait to see it all in place :)


  3. LOVE it! Specially love your map and the hot air balloon. Nice :)

  4. Gorgeous look fabs..and I love your new Moustache print..they are all the craze at the moment aren't they...moustache everything! Look forward to seeing it all unfold sweety...hope you are feeling well x

  5. I really love this theme (you've great taste, Janette), the hot air balloon and the Componibili side table (wow) and of course, your new print. Hope you're keeping well x

  6. I Love it !!! Love the colours, a really nice choice for a young boy. Can't wait to see it.

  7. absolutely gorgeous - the little soldiers are divine!!! Can't wait to see it, and the new bub too!!!

  8. Love it, very cute yet classy ad something he can grow with x

  9. Beautiful, I love the soldiers, I look forward to seeing it finished and your beautiful baby. Mimi xx

  10. wow, will's room will be awesome! all your picks look great together :) congrats on mr #2 :)

  11. You're having a boy, how wonderful! Two of the same sex has its advantages! This room theme is perfect. That hot air balloon is really lovely. Rachaelxx

  12. I love it! Great colours, great feel. The 'This is Paris' book would work into it well too. I am just doing my girls room (age 2.5 & 4.5).. I found you & your facebook page last week while I was searching for my own inspiration for their room. Ithink I'll have to add a bus roll to the completed picture.


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx