Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nail polish fun.... not!

How gorgeous is this image??? I love colour coordinated nails and I've been meaning to buy some new colours for spring/summer.

I tell you what is not so georgeous???
Discovering your son has gotten into your hot pink nail polish and finding it on the bedding, carpet, dresser, his hands etc....

When I came in and discovered him (and it only took about 1min from the time I saw him run into our room till I walked in) he just kept saying to me 'Paint my toes Mummy? Paint my toes?'

Seriously, what do you do, laugh or cry?

So I think I'm going to have to put my nail polish collection under lock and key from now on.

Have you had any similar nail polish disasters?
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  1. With three kids...of course! The funniest was when my youngest decided our white cockatiel would look really pretty with hot pink stripes on her wings. Not sure Lily was too impressed with her new look though :) These are times you'll look back on when they're teenagers Janette - and laugh, as by then you'll be worrying about much bigger things than some stray nail polish! xxx

  2. Oh gosh Janette, I think I would have cried :) What a mess to have to clean up, it's amazing how much damage can be done in just 1 split second. How cute is Will though wanting his toes painted :) Grace was a bit quiet the other day and I found her in the bathroom squirting a whole bottle of baby oil everywhere, so greasy!! I've had my own nailpolish disaster though. Dropped a bottle of bronze nail polish a few years back on our tiles and it splattered all over the wall. Luckily it was just before we were due to rip up the tiles and get our floorboards put down :)

    Love that nail polish in the photo above. I'm hoping to sit down and paint mine today all ready for my hospital stay :)

  3. Yes only last week I (can you believe it) spilt a whole bottle of nail polish in my bathroom, down the cabinet in the toilet and on the tiled floor. I was screaming for hubbie to help me. I raced out of the house to buy nail polisher remover and when I returned hubbie had cleaned it all up. Bless him! Mimi xx

  4. Oh dear! My worst memory is not with the polish, but the remover. I spilt it on mum's dining table and it left a bald mark forever. If wasn't good.

  5. Oh my, they are SO quick aren't they? Cheeky little monkeys ;o)
    Hope you were able to get the polish out of all your fabrics.
    Haven't had any nail polish disasters, but my Mr1 is super speedy and super destructive when he gets on a roll. We've had incidents with soap, textas and moisturiser... thankfully not all at once! ;o)


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