Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My rapidly growing belly

I just read my also-pregnant buddy Anna's blog post about maternity fashion and 'dressing up your baby bump' which you can read Love all the gorgeous fashions Anna's found!

Then I got an email from the lovely Lisa of asking 'how is your little belly growing?????'

So I thought Hmmm... a blog post is in order!
So here is my not-so-little belly at 14.5wks

I've really popped out quickly this time around...

 And I was glad to start telling everyone last week as I thought people would probably be guessing but too embarressed to ask in case I'd just been eating up a storm instead :)

Like Anna, I'm determined to try and look and feel great this time around. So I've already started investing in a few more maternity clothes, rather than just buying a few sizes up and looking frumpy in ill-fitting clothes.

So stay tuned, maybe Anna and I can do some maternity fashion posts, hehehehe!

Have a lovely day,


  1. You gorgeous girl!! A definite baby bump now - I really love that last photo. I found it much harder this pregnancy to dress during winter as opposed to summer with Grace. I haven't put on huge amounts of weight so apart from maternity jeans, I've made do with lots of stretchy jersey type fabric clothes. The main thing is finding things long enough that don't creep up your bump and expose flesh, not a good look :) At least in summer you'll be able to do flowing maxi dresses and look tunic style tops x

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! So excited for you Janette. Love maternity posts -- looking forward to following yours :)

  3. you just look fantastic! It does pop quicker and even a bit bigger the 2nd time I reckon! But you look like 19yo!!!

  4. You are looking so well Janette and really have popped out. Lovely pics :)

  5. You look terrific and it was so lovely of you to share this update.


  6. oh my look so so cute.....look at your little belly.......big smooch to you beautiful lisa xx

  7. You are glowing Janette and thats the cutest baby bump ever..and you are wearing it with style girl!
    Thanks for the mention..and yes...agreed...I think there are going to be more baby bump fashion posts to come...stay tuned ; )

    Big hugs
    A x

  8. Oh I love a bump shot. You really look gorgeous Janette. You have that second trimester glow :o) xo

  9. Oh Sweetheart! Thanks so much for sharing these precious photos. Oh, and I'm secretly loving the WS background ☺. Looking forward to more of these progress shots! J x

  10. Gorgeous Janette, super beautiful mumma! The blogosphere is as contagious as 'something in the water' isn't it?! I'm just behind Amanda :)


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