Thursday, September 22, 2011

Two favourite birthday presents

I thought if share a pic of my two fav bday presents after so many of you asked to see what was in my Tiffany box.

I love my new bracelet, I wanted an every day bracelet that would be easy to wear 24/7. And check out the other side of the heart - Tiffany turquoise.

The perfume is such a pretty fragrance and is the latest scent from L'occitane.

It's very floral and very summery, what sort of fragrance do you like?


  1. Gorgeous!! I love the bracelet and wish I could smell the perfume.
    It's about time I tried a new fragrance. I have been wearing a Benefit purfume for years as well as good old Chanel.
    Have a lovely day :)

  2. Hello Janette

    Oh my - gorgeous gifts - you have been a good girl for the birthday fairy to bring those.

    Have a fun day

    (PS I love Ralph Lauren's "Lauren Style" in perfume - at the moment at least! I have changed over the years so much from different scents. I changed from my winter perfume to a summer perfume too and I only spray one shot in the air above my hair and let it fall over that - I read that was the softest way to wear a perfume) :)



  3. Just gorgeous honey...lucky girl. My taste has change slighty with fragrances...I would never had gone for floral fragrances..only because I thought they smelt funny on me..but funnily enough I recently purchased the Ralph Lauren summer perfume..and love it.
    But I think I will always be a Coco Chanel Mademoiselle girl through and through ; ) x

  4. LOVE the bracelet - that's the same style of the one I was telling you one of my friends bought recently :) Gorgeous and perfect for wearing with any outfit.

    My everyday perfume is the one in the red bottle by Clinique - just simple and not too overpowering for me. For special occasions, it's J'Adore. Enjoy your day xx

  5. Gorgeous bracelet J, will look stunning on you. Were you wearing the perfume today??? I didn't get a good wiff of you. My signature scent is Dolce & Gabbana light blue.
    Suz xx

  6. How spoilt were you? That is a lovely bracelet. My perfume is Aromatics by Clinique. Enjoy! ;-)

  7. I love the bracelet, so pretty. I am not a perfume girl. It gives me headaches. Occasionally I think I will overcome it and come crashing down pretty quickly. Yours looks so pretty in its bottle.

  8. How divine, Janette. That husband of yours is a keeper! My summer perfume is Laura by Laura Biagiotti which I'm finding hard to track down now. J x

  9. That bracelet is so sweet. I like floral fragances as well.

  10. Happy Birthday for Thursday, just love the bracelet and must go and smell the perfume. Mimi xx

  11. What a gorgeous bracelet! Happy Birthday love. A-M xx


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