Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Country House Rescue

Have you been watching Country House Rescue on ABC?

I have and I've really been enjoying it.

Basically Ruth Watson goes to these old UK family country homes that are in financial trouble. Most of the homes seem to cost around 20-50 thousand pounds a year in bills and upkeep so it's pretty difficult for the families who own these gorgeous mansions to keep them.

Last night I watched the episode on Chesters. A gorgeous Georgian country house in the Scottish boarders which was inherited by John Henderson on his 30th Birthday - pretty amazing birthday present!

Ruth gives the owners ideas on how to turn their properties into financially viable self sufficient homes/businesses. From the half dozen episodes I've watched most owners seem to be on the slightly to very eccentric scale and usually Ruth's blunt approach puts them a bit off side.

I think Ruth's ideas are generally really practical but I can see from the owners point of view that they might not want to open up their houses for tours, events, over night guests etc as it is their home.

If you want to watch some of the episodes you can check them out on http://www.abc.net.au/iview/#/lifestyle

Could you live in one of those big old country houses? I think I could - although I'd have to get a cleaner :)

Have a great day,


  1. Oh yes, I just discovered this show. I'm a new fan. These old homes are amazing, but can you imagine the upkeep? Scary :)

  2. Hi Janette, I too have watched this show. It is intriuging. Imagine inheriting one of those enormous crumbling estates. I love how the advising lady gradually brings the owners round to her way of thinking.

  3. I would love to live in an old country home. I do watch Ruth sometimes, she is blunt and to the point, but most people do listen to her. Happy Tuesday. Mimi xx

  4. Oh yes I definitely could, and I love the show. Poor Ruth has her job cut out for her most weeks though!

  5. Yes, we watch it too. It is a bit frustrating at times but we really enjoy it. So glad the owners finally came around on this episode. ;-)

  6. Sounds like a show for me.....must get watching!

  7. Ooohhh! Imagine inheriting that gorgeous home for your 30th! Wow! I've actually never watched the show, I'll have to check it out. Sounds like something I'd love for sure.

    ~ Clare x


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