Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Minky love

I know not everyone is a cat lover...
But look at the love and affection I get from my 'schmacky' Minky. His version of a kiss is a head butt.

We were enjoying the sunshine together this afternoon.


  1. Gorgeous photos. Minky looks so cuddly. Is he the type of cat who will curl up on your lap and enjoy a pat? Love that third photo. Enjoy the sunshine! x

  2. I do love blog posts about pets. Minky is one impressive puss! It's nice that he's affectionate, even if it is a head butt! X

  3. So cute! I love Minky... We have five cats, but only two of them are cuddly. I love seeing pet posts. You can always rely on your pet for a cuddle!
    Rebecca x

  4. oh my, how cute!!! and I'm not sure who looks happier!!

  5. can i have minky please pretty please hehehehe........i am a cat lover, and minky is exactly the type of cat i would love, cute face........smooch xx


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