Friday, July 1, 2011

ABCD Meetup

Last night I went to the ABCD Meet up. It was held at the 3weeds at Rozelle. 

I went with Suzie (Urban Road) and Kate (another donkey design) as they both live about 2mins away from me.

I didn't get a big chance to mingle but I got to say Hi to Anastasia (Anastasia Drawing and Dreaming), Lisa (The Red Thread) and Steph (bondville).

And it was so great to meet Suzanna (Mon Tresor) and Vesna (My Little Jedi) in 'real life' for the first time - they are so lovely! 

Tessa (Down that little lane) was there and it was nice to see her again, she actually came over on Monday with her two cutiepies. So it's been a very social bloggy week this week!

And check out the goodie bags, they have tripled in size since the first one I went to...

There were so many cool things in the goodie bag but my favourite is this gorgeous little black and white Doberman Brooch from the girls at

 Isn't it cute! A doberman silhouette!

And it goes perfectly with my new Converse allstars!
 If you want any info on the ABCD meet up events then take a look at the facebook page.

Speaking of facebook, if you haven't checked out the My Sweet Prints facebook page before then you can come a visit me here.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Oh I'd love to attend one of these catchups! Altough would be a little daunting at the start!

  2. Was great to see you Janette; totally fantastic brooch!!!

  3. Great brooch..I'll watch out for your print in the magazine too!

  4. So good to hear that you have a fab time lovely...I was bummed not to be able to make it but will most definitely be making it to the next one...diggin that brooch ; ) Have a great weekend lovely...hopefully we can catch up soon x

  5. Oh how great to have been able to go to the event again this year, wish I could have joined you all!! Love your new sneakers :) Hope you have a great weekend x

  6. Very funky! I got a wooden dobermann broach, goes lovely with my blue duffle coat :-)

    Belinda_ You'll be fine, a few wines and some pizza and a good gas bag is what it's all about. Very relaxed indeed.

  7. I know - how cute is that brooch! what a cool bunch of goodies we were lucky to receive! Nice to see you too - its hard to chat to everyone but it was great to see it busy!

  8. Sounds like a fun week Janette, love the new sneakers too! ;-)

  9. Oh, Gorgeous, I'm so thrilled you had such a great time. One day I'll finally make it up to Sydney for one of them! J x

  10. Love the new sneakers. Perfect for chasing after will!


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