Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

On Monday Will and I went to Ikea. We got a few frames, two of their super cheap throw blankets and the kids toy Duktig 9-piece fruit basket.

I had an egg carton saved from over the weekend so I decided to make Will a 'Very hungry caterpillar' so we could reenact the book where the caterpillar eats the fruit :)

I just cut the egg carton in half long ways (it was just a 6 egg one) and coloured him in using crayons. Drew on the nose, eyes and little legs and used pipe cleaners for his ear thingys.

We've had lots of fun playing with him and pretending to eat the fruit ourselves too.

How good are egg carton crafts!

Have a lovely day everyone,


  1. I remember my kids having a ton of fun with egg cartons. I think we may have even made a caterpillar or two!

    What a great mum you are.

    Pam x

  2. What a cute, creative idea Janette. Gracie loves that book too. I caught her sitting by the window in the sunshine the other morning reading it. When she got to the page where the caterpillar eats all those goodies she said 'goodness gracious me' before rattling off the foods. I then realised, that's what I say when I reach that page as I'm reading it to her :) Funny what little ones pick up. Hope you and Will had fun at Ikea x

  3. These crafts are just the best, and always seem to be the most fun to play with. Simple and sweet!


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