Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yesterdays Thrifty Find

I stopped into Vinnies yesterday to have a little squiz if there were any cool treasures.

And I found these little porcelain, I don't know... what would you call them? Place holders/table markers or something?

When I spotted them in their box just lying flat like the picture below I thought 'What are they?!?' Then when I realised what they were my imagination ran wild pictured myself hosting a beautiful high tea for friends with all my beautiful silver cutlery and a china and using the little holders as either place settings or to label different teas or food.

They don't look old and I'm sure they're only worth what I paid for them, $12, but I just love them!

I've having my neighbour and her little daughter over for dinner on Sat night while our husbands are out at the rugby so I might get them out for our 'girly' dinner!

I have also spotted some really cool things on the side of the road recently, a beautiful little wooden table and a floor lamp which would have looked HOT painted white gloss but I procrastinated and missed out :( Oh well, my thrifty find makes me very happy!

Have you had any great thrifty finds lately?


  1. They are super cute...great find Janette!

  2. They are so sweet and something I too would have brought.
    I love finding things I can repurpose from the side of the road...I am working on a few pieces at the moment :)

  3. These are gorgeous! Now that I am in Melbourne again back to op shopping!

  4. Janette...I have exactly the same set!! They are Porcelein place holders. Mine were handed down to me by a family member..there are definitely a Vintage piece..but Im not sure how old? The box they are in has no details on them at I cant even research that part...but they are lovely arent they?
    If you ever hold a tea party for more than 6 than you are more than welcome to borrow mine ; )

  5. Gorgeous find Janette. Perfect for a high tea with the girls.
    Rebecca x

  6. Oh yes. These are gorgeous. Would look really fabulous with your silver and china. Can I come?

    Pam x

  7. Oh Janette, i think they are lovely, what a great find.

  8. Very pretty, perfect for a tea party. I love a good find, well done.

  9. How funny Anna has the same ones :) They're lovely, really pretty and would be perfect for a girly tea party. They look so nice in the box all lined up. I haven't had any good op shop finds lately but have a few things I'm keeping my eyes open for, I'm hoping to make it to the local flea markets on Sunday to have a browse.

  10. they are so pretty...a lovely find, well done :))

  11. Oh my they are the sweetest things, you'd be crazy not to buy them. Def use them with the girls they'll love it. I've been going mad in the op shops lately coming home with bag loads of bowls and glasses and not enough cupboard space to store them!

  12. Love this find, Janette :)

  13. Hey Janette,
    My grandma who has recently passed away has a set of those.
    As a little girl I loved it when we got to use them.
    Thank-you for making me think of fond memories
    Kirsty xx


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