Thursday, May 26, 2011

Garden Markers

Just before Christmas I bought a box set of metal letter stamps on ebay for the purpose of making old spoon and fork garden markers. It was lots of fun making them and I followed this tutorial 

Here is all the equiptment needed for metal stamping bar the rubber mallet.

Unfortunately these are my first 'worst' batch as I gave the best looking ones as Christmas Gifts. But in the end I wasn't 100% happy with the look of them, I think I need to get thicker, smaller and deeper metal stamps as the letters came out too faintly. I got all of my silver plated spoons from a Salvos shop at 20c each!
And when I tried them out in our veggie and herb garden they just looked lost as the garden is too big, they would suit a potted herb garden better.

So I bought these beauties from the very lovely Letitia of The White Shed shop and blog!

They are heart shaped blackboard markers and are MUCH better suited to our garden.

When I have to go outside at night to pick herbs for my cooking I can see the names quite clearly as they stand out on the black chalk board.

Our Basil is on it's last legs before it dies off over winter :(

I hope to use my metal stamps for other purposes though, I used them to stamp words onto my Christmas clay tags which was fun.

Do you have a veggie garden? What do you use as garden markers?

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  1. have been thinking of making these myself as I have a set of letter stamps too. I see your point about them being more suited for pots than a patch and I love the ones you bought from Letitia.
    I don't have any garden markers so think I should do something about that!

  2. It's funny you should post this because I have about 4 types of plant markers in my wishlist file - am trying to decide which ones to get for our herb garden. One set were actually old cutlery ones like you made. I have a set of those metal alphabet stampers that I found amongst all Dad's stuff when he passed away but haven't tried using them yet. I really like your chalkboard style markers and what a bonus that they are great to see at night. Our herb patch is slowly coming back to life now that's it's been cooler and wetter. It's so nice to be able to pick fresh herbs for a dish.

  3. What a shame the metal ones didn't quite work out. The blackboard ones look great though. I must admit we don't use any markers. Our garden has lots of veges but we subscribe to the organised chaos theory!

  4. Oh what a fab idea...and so super cute as a gift...wish I had a little garden patch to call my own..but my ratty cat just chews everything...she is terrible! love your little garden cute x


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