Friday, May 27, 2011

Bike Love

I feel a bit left out if I'm honest.... why you ask?

Because my boys often head off on a Saturday or Sunday morning together and bike ride into the national park.... and I don't have a bike to come along with them :(

Here is Will in his ladybug helmet on the back of Glen's bike, still in his PJs, warm vest and Vegemite still on his little face :) Doesn't he look so cute!

Image via here

 This is the bike I want to get! Venice beach cruiser in baby blue!
What do you think? Just add a basket on the front? Yeah I think so :)

Do you have a bike? Do you ride as a family?

Have a lovely day,


  1. Oh yes, you need that bike and a basket on the front. I am thinking a frenchy wicker type one. Will looks so cute in his pj's and that helmet.

  2. Will's helmet is adorable!!! He looks so cute perched on the bike :) Grace sometimes goes for a ride with Paul, I don't have a bike :( Paul's been saying lately I should get one when it warms up so we can go for weekend rides. I love the bike you're looking at, a basket would be the perfect touch. Enjoy your evening and have a wonderful weekend xx

  3. I am in love with that helmet - so cue. You definitely need to get yourself a bike - it's just not on that you miss out! And treat yourself to that basket as well - you know you want to :) K xx

  4. Bicycling is a wonderful shared experience and I think you definitely MUST get that bike!

    When my niece was two she was given a bee helmet similar to Will's for Christmas and would NOT take it off she loved her bicycling experiences SO much.

    My own bike is in our gym at the moment as one tyre just kept going flat so Captain V rigged it up to a frame and now I pedal away inside - not as nice as cycling round the neighbourhood but still fun.

    Happy weekend! xx F

  5. yes and yessssss! Do it Janette -- it's so much fun!! x

  6. oh you have to get a bike, its the best.. !!


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