Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

Happy April Fools - it's my little sister's birthday today!
Which suits her perfectly because she's always been a cheeky monkey :)

Happy Birthday Kate - love you!

Image via here

And how cool is this idea! Turn a wine glass upside down and use as a cupcake stand!

Here are some more interesting wine glass uses I found on pintrest. I'm linking up with Kate for her pintrest finds!

Via here

Have a great day, I hope you don't get fooled and you manage to fool someone.

P.S. Thanks for your lovely messages re Will's croup. He is on the mend now which is great and we had a pretty good night sleep last night - ahhhh.


  1. Thanks for playing alotte - Great collection -econd ones are my favs!
    Yeah for good sleeps

  2. So pleased to hear about Will. Croup is the pits. And my, Pinterest can become addictive...J x

  3. I'd be nervous with my birthday on April Fool's. Hope your sister has a lovely day and so glad to hear Will is doing better today x

  4. Jane is right, pinterest is so addictive. I'm almost scared to go there!
    So pleased to hear that your little Will is much better today. Croup can be so worrying can't it.
    Amanda x

  5. Cute ideas. Glad Will is better, croup is very scary poor poppet.

  6. Thanks for your kind words, heavy week indeed. Love April Fool birthdays, you've got to have a bit of cheekiness. Love Posie

  7. Aren't those glasses beautiful I particularly liked the picture with the glasses upside down with the candle on top and the flower underneath. Very lovely.
    Happy Birthday to your sister! Hope your little one is on the mend and you get to sleep soon :)

  8. Happy Belated Birthday to your sis!
    These pics are so pretty! I just love the idea of upside down glasses as candle holders. Must remember this if I EVER have a dinner party!

  9. Lovely idea, Janette - so sorry your little man has been unwell with the nasty croup and glad you are finally all getting some shut eye x


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx