Monday, March 28, 2011

We loved you before we met you

Here is my gorgeous little man, only a few hours old. Doesn't he looks so beautiful, peaceful and perfect?

I think it's because he's going to be TWO soon that I've been thinking back about Will as a little bubba.

And all those thoughts have prompted me to design a new print which I think sums up not only the feelings of new parents/grandparents etc but it's also a reminder of the love for a child.

We loved you before we met you - blue

Customised with your child's name and date of birth...

It's kind of based on the Keep Calm prints in it's style.

I've just put it up on the shops and you can find it here:
My Sweet Prints Shop

What do you think? I'd love to know!


  1. Will was such an adorable newborn!! Love the new print. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend. Am in the middle of writing you an email now... xx

  2. Oh, Janette! What a divine idea, you clever girl. And talk about an adorable newborn ☺. J x

  3. Such a cute wee baby! Love the new print and can totally understand this sentiment. Have a great week x x

  4. Oh how beautiful! It sums up everything I feel for my babies. Such a lovely idea hon, and even more special with that personal touch of having the name and birthday. I can't wait to do up the girls room so I can have one of your prints...I hate renos!! x

  5. love them special:) and look at the little man how cute was he Mwah Melli xx

  6. What a beautiful baby, fabulous new prints.x

  7. Beautiful Will and beautiful prints :) really :)

  8. And love your new poster! I've got your bedtime bus roll. Love it.

  9. Perfect for any nursery and great gift too! Your bedtime bus roll is in my kids bathroom and every night I look at it and think how fab it is.. Looking forward to speaking to u in a few months with a fab opportunity for you... Until then it's all top secret x


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx