Monday, March 7, 2011

A very special day

Yesterday was William's Thanksgiving Service/Naming Day.... like a christening but without the water :)

It was such a nice day. Will was very good during the service, was relatively quiet and even gave himself a round of applause at the end. Our minister Tony did a fantastic job and my sister did such a lovely prayer. Glen's brother, his wife and my sister became Will's godparents, so it was a very special day.

Here we are up the front, Will being held by our minister Tony.

After the service our close family and friends came back for lunch and a little celebration.

I kept it as a simple blue theme with different shades of blue.
I bought the paper bunting from our local party shop, as well as some cute blue and white stripe paper cups. I put up the white paper lanterns that I had for my birthday.

Here is my mum helping put the food out.

And the lunch was very simple - a few different salads, potato bake, chicken and rolls.

Here is the new godmother, my sister with her little godson. Doesn't he look handsome in his check shirt!

Cupcakes with 'W's on them.

Christening cake my friend Emma made.

Here we are cutting the cake, it was chocolate, yum!

William certainly enjoyed it!

And I made these personalised chocolate bars for the guests to take home.

It was a lovely day all round.

What did you get up to on the weekend?


  1. Sounds like it went off perfectly Janette and Will definitely looks like he's enjoying his cake!! Love the blue and white theme and your lunch menu sounds delicious.

  2. Happy Christening Will...what a cutie he is..such a handsome little man in his blue shirt. Looks like it was a lovely day shared with all the special people in his life. Beautiful x

  3. sounds like ti all had a fabulous day..Happy christening to the spunky what you did with the decoration they looked gorgeous ,what a great idea with the personalized chocolate bars ..well cake also very cute :) xox

  4. It looks beautiful Janette. What a lovely time for your little boy x

  5. Happy naming day Will, sounds and looks like a wonderful time was had by all!!

  6. Looks like it was a gorgeous day! So nice to celebrate these occasions with our loved ones. Love all the blue and white, your home is looking fantastic xx

  7. What a lovely day Janette. Gosh Will is growing up fast! What beautiful decorations and cakes! X

  8. It sounds like Will's naming Day was a very special day and it looks like you had a wonderful time. Will is looking very grown up in the photo with your sister. xx

  9. Wow! I love the cake and the chocolate wrappers. What a lovely celebration x

  10. very cool, looks like you guys had a fantastic day....especially the boy of honour big smooch lisa xx

  11. What a special memorable day for you all and so beautifully catered (can't go wrong with potato bake!)
    Will looks so cute in his special gear. Enjoy it while it lasts. My son (17) wears t-shirt, shorts and bare feet...and that's when he dresses up for church each Sunday!

  12. Looks like William had a wonderful naming day, a special occasion for sure. The decor looks great and the cake is fantastic. Your friend is very clever. Congratulations to little William.

  13. Will looks so grown up! BTW - how much do you and your sister look alike?!

  14. I want some of that cake!
    Master William always so handsome too.
    Another great job Janette.

    licks illy xo

  15. Oh, Janette, what a delightful celebration you had. My, Will looks so handsome in his little shirt! And I'm seriously impressed at how you decorated for the occasion. Bravo, Lovely! J x

  16. You are so talented at party planning. Everything is just perfect.

  17. Congratulations to you and your family on Will's special naming day... looks as though it was a wonderful day. You have reminded me that I really MUST start thinking about Elliott's, but I put so much effort into planning Fern's Im not entirely sure I have the energy to do it all again! Isnt that terrible?? Have a splendid weekend, mon cherie! x


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