Friday, March 4, 2011

70's style

Do you like 70's fashion?

I was checking out Vogue Italia website this morning and found these images which I really like...

This pic reminds me of my Mum

Hippy 70's outfit

I've always loved big floppy 70's hats

Very Charlie's Angels isn't it.

Do you like 70's fashion???

I bought a black jumpsuit a few weeks ago. I haven't worn it yet but I'm thinking of breaking it out on the weekend.

Have a lovely Friday,


  1. I can hear the Charlies Angels music as I type...

  2. The first picture reminds me of my Mum too. Whenever Dad and Mum had a Dinner Dance to attend, off to the Hairdresser's with Mum for her hair to be set. I loved watching Mum get ready. Mimi xx

  3. You definitely need to post a pic of your jumpsuit!! Love the hippy outfit above.

  4. Yes -- groovy ;) Did you break out the jumpsuit?!

  5. heheh, i was about 10 mid 70's and the clothes remind me so much of that time!! Very groovy baby :) but if you can wear it go for it i say..Mel xx

  6. You should have worn the jumpsuit on Saturday Bella!

    Licks illy the cuddly


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