Monday, March 21, 2011

Cuddle Weather

Our grass was so dry a week ago, that the little girl next door told her mum that the grass was turning to Hay :)

NOW it's like torrential rain! There are mini rivers down our front path and going down the street.

Image via here

It's cuddle weather today for sure. And Will and I are going out this afternoon to buy Gumboots!

Thanks to everyone who entered my facebook competition. I announced the winner this morning and Belinda McKenna was the lucky winner!!! YAY!

Anyway Will's little girlfriend from down the road is coming over for a playdate now so I better put the kettle on.

Have a great day and stay safe and dry!


  1. I know its been crazy, I am worried the mini rivers are going to wash our house into the ocean!

  2. Janette how cute!...a playdate for Will with his first little girlfriend!
    Hope the sun comes your way soon. Our weekend's been beautiful!
    xxx kasia

  3. It's wacky weather all round. I like the term 'cuddle weather'. Very cute.
    Have a lovely day Janette :)

  4. I hope Will enjoys his playdate and that you shopping trip this arvo is productive. xx
    PS. Happy belated anniversary!

  5. Would love some 'cuddle weather over this way - still heat here for us. I'm hoping to get some gumboots for Grace this winter too :) Have a fun playdate x

  6. "Cuddle weather" I love it. There should be more cuddle weather forecasts. Hope Will enjoyed his play.

  7. Ahh gumboots are the best for little people, happy shopping & I hope Will enjoys his playday!!

  8. Hope the weather is treating you right. Singapore gets heavy rains and thunder every day nowadays, kids love to slash in the muddy puddles :D


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