Friday, February 18, 2011


I've been doing a few of the new Customised Wedding Scroll print this week and it's got me wedding reminiscing/dreaming...

And so when I came across this on I just had to share!

Breath taking or what!

Look at the colours in this bouquet, so beautiful! And the draping of the dress!

The plates and silver...

Chairs, flowers...

A beautiful table marker and flowers on a cake stand.... great idea!


Even more yummy!

I might ask Glen tonight if he'd like to remarry me :) hehehe.

Have a beautiful day ladies,


  1. LOVE! Those shades of pink and blue are my two favourite colours, so I'm positively swooning. I might follow your lead and propose a wedding too LOL.

  2. Great images. So - if you show us your wedding photos i'll show you mine.....

  3. These colours and designs are so perfect. Makes me quite like the thought of getting married. Maybe :)

  4. Beautiful! I was thinking the same thing, love to get married again just to try out some new ideas! Same husband of course ;) xx

  5. Those are the perfect colours. That is one incredibly pretty wedding. Rachaelxx

  6. What adorable the muted tones :)

    Hubby and I would like to renew our vows one day...I'd be spoilt for choice with all that is available now-a-days!

  7. ohh lovely!
    BTW - just got my copy of real living in the mail and congratulations on having 3 (that I could find) of your prints in there!!

  8. What beautiful images - there's so much inspiration for weddings out there nowadays with blogs etc. - must be fun planning a wedding :) Enjoy your weekend lovely xx

  9. haha! too funny. A beautiful wedding like this is worth getting remarried for. I absolutely love the colours!
    Janette I'm hosting a cute little game on my version of 'Where is Wally?'
    Come Play :)

  10. Loving all these soft colours. I quite like a pink wedding dress...

    ~ Clare x

  11. Beuatiful, it does make you want to do it all over again, except maybe for the last mintue stresses but the day itself is so wonderful. Gx

  12. How gorgeous are these images. I especially love that bridesmaids dress.


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx