Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our Australia Day

We had a fantastic Australia Day yesterday as we attended the Citizenship Ceremony for D&S, Glen's Brother and his family. It was held at Wahroonga Park by the rotunda and even though it started at 8.30am it got pretty hot by the end of it!

They had the Rotary Band, Scouts, Don Burke did a speech as did Barry O'Farrell (or Bazza O'Fazza as I call him) it was such a nice ceremony and I felt so proud, no only for my Country but for D&S and the kids.

Afterwards we had a lovely picnic under the big fig trees and the kids ran around playing in the park. We had to leave early though for Will to have his sleep.

So then in the afternoon we went back to D&S's house (made ourselves at home in their swimming pool as they weren't back from the park yet). And managed to cool right down.

Here is my Little Aussie getting ready to jump in the pool, look at those cute little leggies!

When D&S and kids got home they joined us in the pool and we had so much fun, eating dip and chips and left overs from the picnic as well as a celebratory bottle of Moet. D blew up a big camping mattress and floated it in the pool, it was so cute seeing all the cousins rumbling around on top of it!

We only got home after 7pm so Will went straight to sleep in his clothes!
Here is the Little Aussie this morning doing what he loves most at the moment.
Walking in Mummy and Daddy's shoes!

How was your Australia Day?

Have a great Thursday and thanks SO much for all your laundry feedback it was great to read all the suggestions and I'm looking forward to getting into it!


  1. There is nothing I love more on Australia Day (or the day after!) than hearing about a citizenship story. Congratulations to your family :)

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, loving wills top :) I had to giggle at "Bazza O'Fazza" can't get more Aussie than that! Congrats to your family x

  3. Just gorgeous, Janette. Ah, I miss that rotunda! How exciting to have newly minted Australians in the family. And as for BOF, I know he's lost weight so it's not as relevant anymore but I still always think of him as Fatty O'Barrel ☺. J x

  4. Sounds like a great day for your family Janette! Will is looking super cute in that tee too! xx

  5. What a lovely day Janette, hanging out in the pool sounds like a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. We had family over for a BBQ and trivia day. We had lots of food and lots of fun! xx

  6. What a lovely way to spend Australia Day and how lovely to have some of your family members become fellow Aussies. Will looks so cute in his top - I bet he had a ball in the pool with his cousins.

  7. Sounds like a lovely day. What a beautiful leafy spot to hold the ceremony.
    I had a nice day too with a family bbq and a visit to the new MONA art gallery :)


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