Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Best bargain of 2011 (so far) and floods

I got my best bargain for 2011 so far yesterday.

I was in Target looking for Huggies Walker Nappies (yes, yes, very exciting) and wandered past the women's clothing section and this pink dress caught my eye and when I saw the tag my jaw dropped and I just grabbed it, I couldn't be bothered trying it on, anyway here it is...

And here is the price tag.... Was $49, I got it for $4.86! That's more than 90% off! Cool hey! I wonder if I can beat this bargain.

But it feels quite frivolous blogging about pink dresses when I am seeing the devastation of the floods in Sth East QLD on TV.

It is so scary, I can't imagine how those families must be feeling as the news says 8 dead, 72 missing.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people in QLD. And all my bloggy friends and customers in QLD I hope you are all staying safe and dry!

You can find the list of suburbs in Brisbane expected to be effected by that wall of water here.

Take care,


  1. The flash flood in Toowoomba was really shocking wasn't it? I couldn't believe the pictures on the news last night and so much sadness in Qld at the moment. I think it's fine to be happy about a new pink dress Janette :)

  2. It's so devastating isn't it. Thankfully Mr Cornflake's family (who live in north Brisbane area) are only having to battle with damp. My prayers are going out to all those affected.

    On a more happy (100% happy? at that amazing price I think so!) note, I love your dress and it shows off your beautiful figure so well, oh la la! Great find and all for the cost of a large coffee (I always seem to think of things in coffee money, lol).

    Great catching up on your posts. Love your Christmas table - so sophisticated and elegant! Wishing you, Will and Glen a very happy New Year!


  3. I'm in tears..devastating news my thoughts and prayers are with them all:) xx

    p.s did someone say bargain...Wow that's a fantastic bargain and a beautiful dress, i found myself with a great bargain too on Sunday from ruby shoes 4 pairs for $5.00 each ..got to love it.

  4. I know the flood news just gets worse and worse, I feel so bad for so many people.
    Your dress is gorgeous and fits you perfectly, good spotting Janette!

  5. The floods are so shocking, I feel so sorry for those experiencing such terrible conditions and cannot fathom losing my house and possessions in such a way.

    As for your dress, I cannot believe your bargain for under $5!! And it fits you perfectly - such a flattering design and very 'colour of the year' :)

  6. I know what you mean about the floods - it is just devastating and deinitely puts things into perspective for me.
    You dress is the bargain of the year and fits you perfectly! Fantastic xx

  7. I dread reading the news headlines every day, there seems to be no relief in sight and then this morning I woke up to the awful news in Toowoomba. My heart goes out to all those in QLD affected.

    Your dress is beautiful and I seriously can't believe what a bargain it was!!! Well done, and it looks gorgeous on you!


  8. It is so horrible to hear about the floods, I just cant imagine how it feels to lose everything. :(

    On a lighter note, your dress is gorgeous! Suits you perfectly and what a bargain!! xx

  9. The news about the floods is awful and my thoughts are with all the affected families.

    The dress is beautiful and what a great buy! I have bought some fantastic dresses and skirts from Target over the last few years and get a lot of comments on them. Haven't managed to get one at such a bargain price though. G

  10. Janette the dress looks very pretty and what a bargain - good shopping! The rain here is just not letting up and it is just so sad watching the news. Thankfully we are on high ground but many roads around us have been cut off. We also have friends in Toowoomba but thankfully they are safe. ;-)

  11. hey j....the floods are just horrible, seems strange it's happening in the country we live in, crazyness.....

    also that dress looks fantastic on you, and a bargin for sure.....whoop whoop, xx

  12. Its just so devasting..I havent stopped thinking about it all day..so many people missing..its horrific...on a good note..that little pink dress is just adorable..and what a bargain! It looks perfect on you..I can imagine it with a cute little pair of wedge shoes or flats..very pretty. x

  13. The floods are so scary. We were really close to the Vic bushfires so I can just imagine everyone's fear and heartache up in Queensland.
    On a brighter note that cute dress is gorgeous and thanks for your baby well wishes.

  14. It's all so hard to comprehend, isn't it, Janette? Words seem so inadequate at times like this. All we can do is hope and pray, I guess.

    But I adore that colour and style on you! What a trim figure you cut there. And what a bargain, too - it was meant for you! J x

  15. Beautiful dress Janette and a great bargain! Well spotted, it looks lovely on you.
    The floods are devastating and my prayers are also with all of the people that are affected by it. xx

  16. I was in tears watching it all tonight. I can't imagine how terrifying it must be for everyone having to endure this. It's so horrible :(
    As for the dress, it looks wonderful on you. Love the necklace too x


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