Thursday, December 16, 2010

You are gifted!

Nicole at Bubby Makes Three did a lovely post this week titled 'You are Gifted!' and in the post she said:

I passed a church. Out the front was a large billboard and on it was this message:
"Some of God's greatest gifts are packaged as people..."
And then I thought, wouldn't it be a lovely Christmas gesture to recognise some of the special people in blogland who entertain, enrich, inspire and lighten our lives a little with their words each day?
I was one of the lucky 'recipients' and it was seriously just what I needed, a little bit of encouragement and love, during a less that fantastic day/week. Thank you my dear!!!

I am now passing on the 'gift' to others:

Tina from Rubies Place
You couldn't get a lovelier person in the kind, caring, and creative package which is Tina! She is an amazing Mum and friend who puts everything into her girls, hubby and home and while she's juggling all of that she is studying to become a school teacher, crafting and thrifting to the amazement and inspiration of everyone and running a wonderful etsy shop! Tina is like the big sister I never had and I'm so lucky to have 'met' her! xx

Amanda from Homely One
When your bubs are only a few weeks apart in age there is automatically a special bond you share with someone and I am so glad that Amanda and I share this commonality as she has become such a great friend to me. I only wish we didn't live on opposite sides of the country as playdates, coffee and shopping excursions would be so much fun together! Thank you Amanda for always being there, commenting on my blog and writing back to my 'Is Gracie Girl currently ____ like William is at the moment?' emails. You are truly an awesome friend! xx

Jane from Life on Planet Baby
I love Jane's honesty and I love the passion that she puts into her blog. Her posts are amazing and I always feel like I'm reading an extract from a book when I read her posts. Jane is also my official Media Monitor and My Sweet Prints supporter. Thank you Jane! xx

Sarah B from Molly's Maison
Sarah B always inspires me with her beautiful garden, amazingly stylish renovations of her home, her wearable art is breathtaking and her photography is stunning (see recent post here) and her love for Molly her gorgeous doggy is soooooo sweet!

Kerri from Driftwood Interiors
I wish I could paint like Kerri, but I can't so I just have to keep going back to her blog and drooling :) Kerri also finds the most beautiful homes around the world to share on her blog and her style really resonates with me. Kerri is also such a sweety, always commenting and passing on a bit of wisdom, from an experienced Mum with kids older than my William, I always love hearing her perspective on things.

So thank you Nicole for starting this wonderful Christmas Game. I've nearly been blogging for a year now, it was after getting back from our Christmas/New Year holiday in January that I decided to start blogging and I have just loved every minute of it and it's all because of you guys, readers, bloggers, commenters etc - thank you!!!!

Have a great day everyone,


  1. Couldnt have picked a better list lovely...such awesome gals we have here in blogland..and congrats on your award too well deserved x

  2. A terrific selection Janette.
    Isn't the blogging world fantastic, introducing you to and allowing you to spend time with some of the loveliest people.

    Merry Christmas and congratulations on your wonderful blog,

    Felicity x

  3. Oh Janette, you have truly made my morning and I have little happy tears after reading your beautiful words. I too appreciate your friendship and I no longer refer to you as 'my friend Janette who has the blog and has a toddler the same age as Grace' but now simply as 'my lovely friend Janette'. I feel so blessed that our friendship has extended beyond our blogs and look forward to meeting in person one day. Enjoy your day lovely xx

  4. What a gorgeous gesture for this time of the year. We should definitely celebrate those who lift us up everyday. What a wonderful list. Michelle

  5. What a lovely gesture. A great idea at this time of year to acknowledge those who inspire. We can tend to be caught up in this busy time and forget. Your 'gifted' list is very well chosen. A lovely post. Have a great day.
    Rebecca x

  6. Oh my goodness Janette! I am so honoured to be amongst such great company! Isn't it funny how we are all lovely friends but have never spoken a word? We'll definitely have to change that some day :)
    Thanks so much Janette!

  7. this is such lovely idea..glad it has been your day, your day can get even better as i gave you an award this week too. some special ladies you have chosen to be gifted they all deserve it !! xxx

  8. That's the lovely thing about blogging - the friendships are so amazing. What a great list, and congratulations Janette.

  9. that's a lovely saying! Those are lovely people you've mentioned!

  10. Oh, Janette, you're such a darling! Firstly, congrats on receiving Nicole's award - she picked a star cast. You're so deserving of all her plaudits, Sweetie, and so many more.

    And secondly, thanks for thinking of me. Everyone you picked is so kind and I can't believe I *know* them all. You were one of my very first supporters and have been such an inspiration to me. I am delighted to be your OMM! J x

  11. Firstly, congratulations my sweet, this is so well-deserved, and a great big thank you for passing on this award to me! I'm chuffed to be in such great company, and doubly chuffed you thought of me when passing this along. Sorry I've taken so long to pop in, but we've had no internet thanks to our recent wet weather. I have to say it was a lovely surprise to find this when I returned :) Thanks again sweet, and you have a wonderful weekend. K xx

  12. A very worthy list and your wrapping is amazing, very beautiful. Rachaelxx

  13. Oh, Janette, I thought I'd commented! Thanks ever so much for this, you sweet thing - I'm both honoured and chuffed. Just posting about you now ☺. J x

  14. Janette, I am so sorry for taking so long in finding this!! Congratualtions on your lovely award and so very very well deserved as you truly are a gift my dear friend. Your kind words have made me cry. I thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart. 'Meeting' you this year has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I can't wait to share a fabulous 2011 with you. I will do a 'gifted list', but will wait until the New Year if that is OK, of course you know you will be on it :D Huge hugs to you special lady ~ Txx


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