Monday, December 13, 2010

My top Lonny pics

Here are my favourite pics from the latest Lonny December issue...
Beautiful tropical setting for a little dinner party!

Quite a unique bathroom with that board on the outside and the picture wall above the bath...

Pink, white and black with a dash of delicious fruit in the middle. It looks like Guinea Fowl feathers as a placemat under the plates or something....?

This is beautiful, love the colour of course and the white chair and ornate pin board with the pretty floral fabric is soooooo me :)

This is my favourite of all the pics, such a happy living room! Look at all the colour and that amazing coffee table which looks to me like pipped white icing... yum!

How was your weekend?
We had the Children's Christmas Service yesterday at Church and Will did his first ever church performance in the junior jivers group. Well you can imagine what he was like... he was right up the front for the first song doing all the actions being very cute then for the next 4 songs he was running everywhere, knocked a microphone stand over, was about to start climbing the stairs into the raised area where the Rector does the sermon - ey yi yi!

He was very cute though and his fan club of Grandma, Grandpa and Aunty Kate (aka Toyota) were there to cheer him on.

How was your weekend, did you have any funny christmas performance stories???

Have a wonderful Monday,


  1. Thanks for the Lonny snippets Janette...I haven't had a chance to look at the latest edition! I loved your story about Will...I can just imagine funny and cute :)

  2. I agree, it's the bright pink and turquoise in that last room that make it so lovely.
    Sounds like you had a funny weekend Janette. Or more to the point, that Will had a fun weekend :) I don't have any funny Chrissy performance stories but I do remember crying in Grade 2 when I got carpet burn on my knee when I was being a reindeer in our class Chrissy performance. Oh deer!

  3. love the Lonny pics..i love that pin-board too and that chair:)
    Will is so funny!i can just picture him running around...enjoy your Monday xx

  4. Like Kerry, that's on my 'to-do list' for today. That vision of Will is too funny, Janette! Joshie played his shepherd role very well in the school nativity play although towards the end he stopped singing as his concentration faded. Half an hour is a long time to stand in front of a crowd and focus when you're 5! J x

  5. Thanks for the peek at Lonny Janette. I haven't had a chance to have a peek. Will sounds like was having fun! Hope you had the video camera xx

  6. Fun, fun weekend.
    I love the pics. X

  7. will sounds like my kinda little guy, just a wee bit cute with some spunk.......have a wonderful week lisa xx

  8. Thanks for sharing the Lonny pics as I hadn't popped over there yet to check out the latest. That pin board is SO you Janette!! I love the picture wall in that bathroom and you're right, that coffee table looks like the ruffle cake by Martha Stewart!!

    How cute watching Will's performance!! I can picture him running around :) Our weekend was a bit of shopping and a family Christmas lunch yesterday which was fun with lots of delicious food. Enjoy your Monday xx


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