Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where is your TV?... a corner of my home.

I know it's a funny question, but where is your TV?
Do you even have a TV? Is it mounted on the wall? Is it in or on an entertainment unit? Do you have some sneaky way of camouflaging it?

Here is where we have our TV...

On top of our 1960's sideboard, which was handed down from my Grandma and stores all of our platters, glassware, silver, table linen etc. We really didn't have room for another piece of furniture so we've had to adapt to make the sideboard serve two purposes.

I love the old next to the new and the fact that I can make little vignette's of my current favourite objects to display.

Although it's not ideal as you have to try and hide all the cables that would usually be hidden in an entertainment unit.

Which is why I have little displays like this framed picture to hide the nasty cords.
BTW that is hand painted silk from India which Glen's cousin brought back for us as a Wedding present. The Elephant, Camel and Horse represent good luck, love and power.

And when we got the TV I tried to think of a way to sort of distract the eye from the big black square so I painted that long rectangular canvas to hang above it and it ties in the light blue colours of our lounge, it's no Mona Lisa but it does the trick.

Oh and before you assume that it was my husband who chose a big flat screen TV, think again.... it was me :) I love watching telly and there is nothing better than the crisp clear vision you get from a Full HD TV - hey I am a visual person :)

So where do you house your TV? Have you come up with some creative camouflage solutions?

I'd love to know!

Have a great day everyone,


  1. Beautiful sideboard, it's sense of history and having been handed down to you makes it especially so. Our telly (I love to use that word) is on an old coffee table I re-vamped; languishing away on top of it till we get a cabinet maker organised. :)

  2. Love that sideboard..and its in such good nic...have you ever been tempted to paint it?
    We have our huge plasma on a large hallway table...yup...no unit or shelves...and yes..same prob..lots of cords which I hate..have been on the look out on Ebay for something new...that hand painted silk print is gorgeous x

  3. We have only one TV in our house in the living room. We have a smaller like armoire. The doors can close and it can be hid. I try to arrange the furniture so it is the focal point. I would be lost without a TV and ours is dying. I would love to get a newer one and a flat screen.
    Yours looks nice on the sideboard.Those huge ones are hard to hide but the picture is so nice.

  4. I so agree, Love your sideboard its beautiful. As Anna said, Have you ever been tempted to paint it? Im interested because coincidentally im thinking of painting mine and using it as our TV cabinet (its not as nice as yours though) Our plasma is currently sitting on top of an old kitchen dresser.

  5. Stunning sideboard. It was very clever of you to use what you already had. You have really made it work:).
    We couldn't find an Entertainment unit we liked as they were all very contemporary. We bought a sideboard with 3 doors - 1 being glass. We had it spray painted Antique White and voila - an Entertainment Unit that looks more traditional:)

  6. That looks great Janette! I like the new with the old as well :)
    We couldn't find anything we liked or could afford when we wer given our big tv, so Lyn decided to make one. Just a simple shape on castors but I am yet to whitewash it. On the 'to do' list :)

  7. For Christmas we are buying ourselves a flat screeen TV however I am a little undecided as to what to put it on or whether in fact we should mount it on the wall? I love the idea of an armoire to hide it away in but they are so expensive. I actually saw some plans to build one and am thinking that I might give it a go! ;)Sharyne

  8. I love that sideboard and your canvas. I think we are the only people in Australia to not own a flat screen. We keep looking longingly at them. One day...

  9. No creative camouflage in our house. We are loud and proud t.v. watchers with both downstairs t.v's on the wall. We are soon to purchase a flat screen for the bedroom too as part of our reno. - does this make too many t.v's for one household?
    Love your sideboard by the way - great retro lines. Michelle

  10. your sideboard is beautiful. I watch TV on my Mac :-)

  11. Ours is mounted over our fireplace. I love that sideboard. We have my grandparents' from the 40's and it looks very similar. I'm toying with the idea of painting it, but I think my mom would kill me. Have a great day!

  12. I agree with everyone else...cute sideboard! My mum and dad had one similar for years but got rid of it in a garage sale....oh how I wish they didn't now!

  13. Great post Janette! Decorating around a big TV is something I struggle with too. I absolutely LOVE that sideboard and how lovely to have not only a gorgeous piece, but a piece with history attached to it in your home. I love your little arrangements on either side of the telly and would never have known cables were there if you hadn't pointed them out. Our TV is in the corner of our living room and where it can be seen from both couches. I was against the idea of a new flat screen when Paul suggested it saying it was a waste of money when our old TV was perfectly fine - now I absolutely LOVE it!! :)


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