Monday, November 22, 2010

Stunning Home and the Decorating Forum

I am lucky enough to have been nominated by the lovely Kristie from Elements to be the 'Blog of the Week' on the Decorating Forum this week!

The Decorating Forum was founded by the talented Julie-Ann Hind. And what a fantastic tool for all of those renovating, decorating or building as you can post questions on the site and get feedback and tips on your Decorating dilemmas.

Julie-Ann has been kind enough to share a bit about herself and give us a tour into her STUNNING home - this lady has style!

A bit about Julie-Ann:
I am an Interior Designer in Perth. I also run the Decorating Forum online .The Decorating Forum is a forum for chatting about home decorating, renovating, building or interior design. It’s a place to get ideas, tips and to talk about decorating your home.

Outside of the House:
Our home is very traditional in style and most people think it was built in the early 1900’s. We actually built our home 6 years ago.

If we ever moved I would have to replicate this kitchen in the new house. I love the traditional style of it and having white satin 2-pak kitchen cabinets. And a place to display my tea set which was a Valentine’s gift from my lovely hubby.

Family Room:
This room is full of natural light and is where I work most of the day. It is such a wonderful space to be in. Plus it looks out over the street so I can watch all the comings and goings of the neighbourhood.

Meals Area:
This is my favourite room that I insisted we have. There are full height windows on 2 sides and 4metre stacking doors at the end. You feel like you are sitting outside when you still have the luxury of sitting inside.

My Office:
This was my office until I recently gave it up for my son. For some reason he didn’t like the d├ęcor especially the Toile. Obviously the child has no taste :).

So what do you think? Drool worthy or what! Thanks Julie-Ann for sharing your beautiful home with us. And please pop over to the Decorating Forum and become a member... I am!

Have a great afternoon and evening everyone,


  1. Most certainly drool worthy! Will pop over now for a gander. :)

  2. What a beautiful home Julie Ann has. Thanks for giving us a tour Janette. ;-)

  3. Happy to nominate you Janette...I love your blog and I was sure others would love it also.
    The decorating forum has been a great place to bounce ideas around for many projects around my house and I have seen Julie-Ann's home in reality and can you believe its better than the pics show.

  4. What an amazing home! I must check out the forum.
    ps Janette, thank you so very much for your etsy order. I'm so chuffed! So very sweet of you xx

  5. Thank you for featuring my home Janette - I am so excited to be featured on such a lovely blog:). I couldn't show you the office now my Mr17 has taken over - it now looks like a bomb has exploded in there. Children lol.
    We are really happy to have you over chatting with us on the Decorating Forum too. We do like to have a bit of a giggle over there whilst discussing the important issues of life - decorating of course:)

  6. WOW! So gorgeous, i am loving the decorating forum, so many clever people with awesome ideas!!!

  7. wonderful white kitchen. Very lovely images.

    Happy new week

  8. Loving this blog and loving your house Julie-Ann..i hadn't stumbled across photos yet. So glad i've found the decorating forum!

    Lizzy M

  9. What a beautiful home - can't believe it's only 6 years old!! Such lovely decor. I'm a member of the forum but haven't posted much myself... will have to spend some time on there soon I think...


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