Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Melb Cup: Fashions in the lounge room

Oh how times have changed... Melbourne Cup has always been my favourite work day of the year with big lunches, drinks, dressing up and office sweeps. Even corporate tents at Randwick when I was an Account Manager back in the day.

These days well... here is my attempt to get into the Melb Cup spirit with my 'Fashions in the Lounge Room'.

So here is what I'm wearing today, Jeans, black wedges, black top with my off-white jacket, flower necklace and bejewelled headband.

I'm going to the home of one of the Mum's from Mothers Group to watch the race this afternoon.

My pretty headband
And because it's a bit chilly today, I think I'm going to need my fur coat!
He doesn't look very impressed does he :)

What are your Melbourne Cup plans today?

Good luck in your office sweeps and with your bets (Melb Cup is the only day I have a little flutter) so fingers crossed.

Take care,


  1. you look gorgeous Janette just love the necklace and that headband is stunning!! have a lovely day sweetie xxx

  2. Have fun, you look gorgeous and that headband is so cute.
    I think your fur coat maybe a little hard to hang on the coat rack.....
    No plans here for me but I love seeing the fashions on the field.

  3. Love the jacket, necklace and headband!
    And doesn't your fur coat set off the outfit!
    Have a lovely afternoon with the Mums.

  4. I just love your headband and jacket! Have a lovely afternoon. Me, well, I'm in my rno outfit including a very stylish Dr Suess t-shirt! Very glam!
    ps think that's the only version of a fur coat I approve of :)

  5. What a gorgeous outfit! I love your jacket- do you mind telling where you got it?:)

  6. Hi Anonymous, I can't remember the name of the store but it was on Castlereigh St in the Sydney CBD on the block between Park and Market Streets. It was about 2yrs ago so they probably don't have it anymore :(

  7. You look gorgeous Janette! Hubby and I are off to lunch at a restaurant. My second Melb Cup lunch ever! Before my kids were at school full time I used to catch up with my friends and their kids for a casual lunch at one of our homes which was nice :) Have a lovely day. xx

  8. You look gorgeous Janette, we are having a late lunch and some champers here in the office so we can watch the race on TV. I am sorry that I didn't get to catch up with you on the weeekend, I was fortunate enough to spend some time with each of my sisters (all 4 live in Sydney) and the weekend flew by. Enjoy your day with your Mothers Group. xx

  9. Gorgeous outfit... have a great afternoon! A-M xx

  10. I'm doing the same thing! Heading off to mums group to watch the race(we've organised a sweep) and wearing a glittering headband!

  11. So beautiful as always Janette! I LOVE your headband:) Hope you have a FUN afternoon watching the race. Hugs ~ Txx

  12. Love the headband and great outfit. You are doing better then me and I live in Melbourne. It was nice to have the day at home with the family though. Hope you had a good one. G

  13. Great outfit, hope you picked a winner!

  14. Look at you all gorgeous and glamorous! Who cares where the party is, as long as you're there. Hope you were a lucky duck today hun! K xx

  15. Love the outfit Janette! Gorgeous jacket and I adore that pretty headband!! I went to my friend's house to watch the race and had lunch with her while our kiddies played. Hope your 'flutter' was successful x


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