Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday

I'm doing thrifty Tuesday again this week.
I had so much fun linking up with Anna last week I thought I'd take part again!

So here is this week's thrifty find, it's a pretty milk jug I bought last week from my local Vinnies for $12. We have been in need of a decent sized milk jug that doesn't drip when you pour from it so this was perfect and although our tea cups and mugs etc aren't flowery I just love a subtle rose print so I snapped this baby up!

Isn't it pretty? It has gold around the edges and such a cute shape.

Those are my roses from the front garden. I say 'my' roses, I didn't plant them and I don't do anything to them, I was so bad at the end of last season that I hadn't even chopped the dead heads off all of them but they seem to be going strong again which is good.

This is the back with the smaller rose design.

Anyway, have a lovely day and I hope the rain has eased a bit in Brissy today,


  1. I love these old milk jugs, and have collected quite a few over the years. Yours is lovely, and in such good condition. Pretty and thrifty - nice score there Janette! K xx

  2. Roses already? Mine are only just budding.....am coming back soon to do some purchasing of your gorgeous wares! KG

  3. Oh I love your new milk jug Janette! Roses and china = perfect in my book:) I love your gorgeous roses from your garden, too! I can't wait for ours to bloom. Enjoy your Tuesday, lovely. Hugs ~ Txx

  4. Very sweet Janette, I can see why you went for it. Such a bargain and it's great to know your money is going somewhere where it's truly needed! Have a great day xx

  5. What a lovely little milk jug Janette! Perfect for a lovely afternoon tea! Your roses are gorgeous, just love that purple one! Christine xx

  6. What a pretty jug Janette, it reminds me a lot of one my Mum had when I was little (in fact, I think she still has it!!). I love the delicate pattern. It would even look pretty with your gorgeous roses in it :) Your yellow rose is beautiful. Thanks to some help from my mother-in-law with pruning ours, our rose bushes are covered in buds and I've just picked the first bunch to display yesterday. It's so lovely having lovely fresh roses around :) Enjoy your evening xx

  7. What a sweet little milk jug. Makes me think of tea and scones on the lawn on a lovely summer's afternoon. What a great find.


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