Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In the Press - Shop Girl Mag

One of my stockists, MiniStyle was so lovely to get my 'Hometown & Cities' print featured in the second ever issue of Shop Girl Magazine.

Here it is in their beach style bedroom.

If you've got a tween girl then grab a copy of Shop Girl.
It is full of fantastic clothes, swimwear, accessories and decor for your little Miss.
I wish half the stuff came in my size! :)

And thank you all for your lovely well wishes for Will's first day at Little School yesterday. It was an absolute hit with him, he has such a fun day and his teachers were all so surprise at just how well he took to it and had fun playing etc.

Here he is lying on the bathroom floor with Woofie as I ran his bath (he had paint all over him from his artistic masterpieces on the clear easel) he NEVER lies down in the day so he was very tuckered out from his big day.

I'm just so happy that he's taken to it so well and I think next week will be a lot easier for me.

Have a lovely day everyone,


  1. Congrats on the press - you are getting some great coverage and are really going to need those days when Will is at Little school to fill all the orders i am sure will be flowing in!

  2. More plaudits for you, Janette! Bravo. I saw that MiniStyle also posted about you on FB last night - did you see it? Oh, and gorgeous shot. What a moment captured. And I ♥ 'tuckered'! J x

  3. Oh, what a gorgeous pic of Will:) So great to hear that he had such a wonderful day!! I hope you were ok? It will get easier, I promise!! Congrats on having your gorgeous print featured in this magazine!!! So exciting and so very well deserved my dear:) Huge hugs ~ Txx

  4. How great to see another of your prints in a magazine! Will is so adorable - he must have been absolutely exhausted poor love :) Just shows how much fun he must have had!! x

  5. You are just a media mogul Janette! And your little Will just gets cuter by the day - what a sweet photo. Congrats on the magazine mention, well done sweet. K xx

  6. Congratulations on the magazine mention - your prints are just gorgeous! So pleased to hear that your little man enjoyed his first day - love the picture. Michelle

  7. Congrats on another feature! I could just eat Will up he's so cute (in a non-creepy way). :)

  8. Oh that is the most precious photo! Absolutely precious! Congratulations on your media too! A-M xx


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