Thursday, October 28, 2010


Do you ever just feel like a bit of glamour???
Well I do today so here is a bit of old style glam with my own interpretation, to brighten your day!

"Oh it's so hard being this beautiful"

"Does this vignette clash with my dress?"

"It won't happen over night, but it will happen"

All the guys in this photo are thinking "I'm trying to get close to this girl but her damn petticoat is getting in the way!"

"Dress - Check, Hair done - Check, Botox - Check"

All via here
Wishing you a glam day,


  1. I can't stop giggling, terrific post Janette! In a coincidence, I was looking at that second photo for a mummy post this morning, beautiful and totally how I look every evening for dinner. Hmmm, perhaps not. Have a great day! Nxx

  2. Hey Janette, Very cute...ha. Sitting here in my pj's a bit a glamour would be good, cheers Katherine

  3. He he - you made me laugh with your captions :) Love the dress in the second and your commentary. Have a fabulous day x

  4. This is great, and it seems like you posted this just for me this morning! I'm looking and feeling decidedly unglamorous - I'm in my paint-spattered studio clothes, my nails are stained blue with paint, and I couldn't be less glamorous if I tried! K xx

  5. Ohh I am giggling too. Thank you, I needed a cheer up. I love the petticoats, they do kind of act like a force field don't they.

  6. Gorgeous photos! How about all the fabric in the last dress? Stunning :)

  7. Gorgeous images Janette....I was thinking..Hmmm..maybe thats why petticoats were designed that way...back keep men at a distance ; )

  8. Ha ha, love that! You're a funny girl.. Glad you met up with some fellow bloggers, it sounds like a lot of fun. And I'm sorry to hear that Will has been sick, poor little thing..It's hard on mummy too! I don't get too many nights like that any more but they come along once in a while and zombie is about right! Rachaelxx


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