Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sisters are doing it for themselves

This morning I am really inspired to post about all my 'sisters' out there - that means YOU!

Everyday in the blog community, or through talking to customers or friends (Suz & Maree you know who you are), I come across so many women who, have taken the often very scary steps to starting their own business, try new and exciting ventures, re-train into a new field or just generally follow their dreams.

It is so exciting to see and I don't think we give each other enough credit for it. So today I just wanted to say 'You go girlfriend' hehehehe!

I was inspired to start My Sweet Prints by reading about and seeing other women follow their dreams and I just wanted to say that if there is something you have been dreaming about or toying with then just pursue it, give it a go!

Lets really get behind each other (as I know we already do, that's what's so fabulous about the blogging community). And if anyone ever has any questions they'd like to ask me about starting your own business or starting on etsy or madeit.com.au, please feel free to contact me. I don't claim to know all the answers or be any kind of expert but it can help just chatting to someone who's been there.

And if you have a new shop, blog, hobby or something you'd like to get 'out there' then please feel free to email me too, I'd love to feature you on my blog or interview you to find out about your journey. Lets keep each other inspired!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I also wanted to let you know about an Art Show I'm involved in which is coming up on Sat 7th August. If you live in Sydney and would like to see some gorgeous artworks and sculptures (and prints :) then come along to the:

It's going to be a fantastic event, so if you live in or around the North Shore then come by and say Hi :)

Have a lovely day everyone,


  1. Yeah! Swing it, sista! That art show looks like a bit of fun. might have to pop that one on the calendar! And as for starting my own business - for goodness sake, kick me up the backside! What am I waiting for?!!? x

  2. Great idea to get behind each other Janette with this supportive little blogging community of ours. I agree, there are so many women out there embarking on new adventures and with your little business blossoming, you are an inspiration to each and every one of them :) Once again, wish I lived closer to you so I could come along to the Art Exhibition, that is definitely something I'd love to do. Hope you have a wonderful day. P.S Love the new look blog header!!! xx

  3. You are totally right... for goodness sake please kick me up the bum to start my own business - what am I waiting for??? That art show looks like a bit of fun, might have to pop that one on the calendar, and if I make it I'll be sure to come and say hello, despite the fact that I'll be 37.5 weeks preggers and waddling! xo

  4. you go girlfriend!!
    the support here is fantastic and i think i need to get my butt into gear too as its taken me to long to start up my own bussiness
    ( thanks for the encouragement), i would love to attend the art show looks great if only i didn't live so far.. have a great day miss Janette xxx

  5. love love love this post........having you garls/sista's makes the journey so much more enjoyable, i just wish i could meet you all for real.......
    thanks for keeping it real j........have a fab day all lisa xox

  6. Thanks for this post Janette, The exact words I need to hear at the moment. I love the support from all the lovely people I have met in the blogging world. Thanks for the encouragement, much needed at the moment.

  7. I agree! It's so nice to have 'virtual colleagues'! Working from home has so many positives but I do miss the office chit chat! So nice to have a little group of ladies to chat with and be inspired by!

    Vari @ Buttercup Ink xx

  8. What a really lovely thing to write. I'll be knocking on your door soon that's for sure! Metaphorically speaking of course :)

  9. oh wow!! i live just around the corner - i will definately come & visit! Im in the process of doing a bit of solo architecture work (on the side of my full time job) ...when i have my website up ill email you the link! Lots of hard work but im sure will be wroth it...i hope!

  10. Lovely post Janette. Always encouraging and inspiring - thank you! I hope your art exhibition goes well. Have a great week.

  11. What a wonderful gesture! A truely inspiring post and so wonderful to know that there is a real sense of community and genuine support in a virtual environment. I hope some creative business women (or those aspiring to be) take you up on your offer!
    X Briohny.

  12. I am really trying to get organised enough to start a little etsy shop. It's a bit daunting and quite a lot of work as I think people really appreciate the little finishing touches. I just need some time which is hard to come by at the moment :)
    It's wonderful of you to offer to assist :)

  13. Love it Janette.... you're so right - now I just have to get my backside into gear and get GOING. A x

  14. Janette, I've had this post open since the day you posted it as it was very timely. I'm putting together a bit of stock for my own store and would love to get your thoughts on it when and if you have time to take a look. I think you're so talented and inspirational and this sense of community is something I love. I have blogged a little about my pieces and people have been kind but I don't know if they're just being "kind". :) If it's still cool, I'll send you an email when I'm ready to launch to get your input. I really feel this sort of stuff goes around and comes around so applaud and thank you for putting it out there.


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